How to wear pearls

“Pearls are always appropriate” is a famous saying that came from no other than the style icon Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. So, if there is a piece of jewellery that is forever trendy, classic, and never goes out of style, then, it is the pearls. With their unique look and elegance, the natural pearls are what every woman should own. For a long time, pearls have been associated particularly with women. More precisely, it was the female’s fragile beauty, personality, and femininity that made them the token of softness and elegance. The jewellery department has seen quite a lot of trend changes, but, this did not affect the pearls. 

Women and pearls

It is a connection that starts from the earliest days. Playing with the grandmother’s pearls, wanting to look like Coco Chanel and many more looks are just what inspired every woman to look for pearls. There is something enchanting about those luminescent gems from the sea. Their beauty captures the imagination in a different and unexpected way, contrary to the glitter of cut gemstones. Pearls are simply unique. There are natural gems, just as corals and amber. Their uniqueness stands above all trends, making them suitable and complementing each skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. Moreover, they are renewable and affordable resources, making them even more fabulous.

combinar perlas

Pearls today

The latest so-called “pearl revolution” began a few years ago. It was a big millennial thing, as many would characterize it.  What made it a big thing was that the younger generation wanted to make a statement with some more sustainable jewellery pieces and options. And they choose the pearls.  Pearls are organic, environmentally-sustaining gemstones, that come in all shapes and colours. Their distinctive look makes them easy to play well with other gems, metals, and materials. Moreover, they are a timeless and affordable option. From that moment on, the pearls have become a classic piece that is not reserved only as jewellery for special and different occasions. It became a go-to choice for those who wanted an elevated and cool look in everyday clothes like favourite jeans and a t-shirt.

With that being said, the pearls do not just belong to the past. The fashion and the accessories department began to see more and more jewellery designers playing with the pear shapes, pearl colours, and pearl sizes. That led and inspired creating a series of bold new jewellery trends which are very strong and popular today.

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For all the contemporary and stylish women, here is a quick and practical guide on how to wear pearls and achieve the best look. Colours make the pearls pop, something that is very popular in the fashion scene. It was history that at a certain point made the pearls only suitable for bridal hair accessories, but today, there is an abundance of pearls in hairbands, hairpins, and pearl clips.

One of the latest and biggest trends is the single pearl earring. The pearl choker has got an oversized version, inspired by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw fashion style. Clusters and pearl studs are also a big thing.

Sleek and minimalist

The trend of minimalism has transferred onto different industries, including the jewellery department too. And just like that, the pearls are great gems for flaunting a minimalist jewellery look. As mentioned above, they are elegant and discreet, yet so appealing and dominant. They provide a sleek and polished look, and that is the reason why many of the modern-day royalties still opt for pearls jewellery instead of any other. 

stud pearl earrings

For achieving this type of look, opt for white pearls or black spherical pearls. They can be found as part of pearl pendants, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, or the currently popular – stud pearl earrings. One piece is more than enough to shift the focus of the entire outfit and make it a piece that will dominate. With this choice, the pearls will deliver a polished look for the office, for a night out, or a modern-day fashion travelista. This type of pearls will look great with colour-block outfits since they will allow the natural pearl’s sheen to come out and mix with the reflection of the clothes’ colours. The pearls need to remain a statement piece not only to the outfit but also to the face.

Practical and cute

Diamonds might be women’s best friends, but peals are defiantly a more practical and convenient choice. No matter the type of outfit you choose to wear for the day or night, the easy-going and elegant nature of the pearls jewellery choice will deliver a complete, put-together look. Just adding a pearl jewellery piece can do a lot in terms of appearance and presentation. One piece that you simply cannot go wrong with is the pearl bracelet. It will add a little glam and chic thought the entire day. Another cool look is freshwater pearls with a sweater and leggings or black clothes – just like the influencers and the It-girls do it. The tear dropped-shaped pearl earrings will give a nice framing and definition to the face. They are a practical and stylish choice and perfect everyday option.

tear dropped-shaped pearl earrings

Fun and edgy

Pearls do not come just in the white and black colour. What makes them even greater than they are is that they come in every colour of the rainbow and a variety of different shapes. For example, pink pearls, peacocks, and golden pearls are just some of the most interesting and fresh options for nailing the fun and edgy look. As for the shape, besides the traditional round shape, the pearls come in tear-drops, oval, button, and many others. The white pearl is surely the most classic look and choice you can do. But if that looks too retro or too much for you, you can always try pairing a coloured or a black set of pearls with a leather jacket, an all-black outfit. That will create an edgy look. For a more dramatic take, a great option is to wear it as a layered necklace and layer multiple pearl strands in different sizes and colours.  

womens pearl necklace


The pearls are the perfect choice for achieving total glam. Due to the simple and stunning look of the pearls, they serve as great jewellery accessories for achieving a full glam look. For this type of look, a choker or long single pearl necklace with the mini little black dress would deliver a timeless class and elegance. When wearing a gown, opt for a full set of pearls jewellery – pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, and pearl earrings. The pearls also look great as a wedding accessory, especially in the hair.

fine pearl necklace

Fringe and layering

Fringe and layering of the pearls come as one of the trends that are demanded and wanted by the fashionistas and those paying particular attention to their style. This way of styling the pearls was seen on many fashion runways, which point out the importance and the popularity of the pearls today, as well as their part in the modern-day jewellery picks. The layering of the pearls is an easy look to achieve you will just need several pearl necklaces. You can achieve this look with 2 or three pearl necklaces, coming in the same or different lengths. As for the colour, it is best to keep them all in the same colour.

Statement pearl choker necklace

For those who do not love to experiment with different pearl styles, but still want to play it safe and trendy, there is no better way to do it than with the trendy and stylish pearl choker necklace. This is a statement piece, and it comes in a lot of fresh versions, that are not specifically and only limited to the classic pearl necklace look of the choker. These necklaces are dominant and appealing, with huge and numerous pearls, delivering a fashionable look.

huge pearls necklace

There are many different ways of wearing pearls today. As fashion changes and shifts from different trends’ influences, the options remain so varied and colourful. If the pearls are your jewellery pick choice, then, you will most definitely deliver a catching and elevated look. No matter if it is for work or a night out, pearls are great as everyday jewellery. The pearl jewellery you do not need to take it off ever. It is classy, stylish, and modern, always a choice that will present you with the most sophisticated and chic look. It is a timeless piece of jewellery that can be perfectly placed with all different kinds of on-trend fashion outfits. Even the style’s modern take of some style icons has seen the beauty and the dominance of pearl jewellery, despite their fashion style. For example. The musician Billie Eilish decided to wear a pearl necklace and showed an elegant and unexpected outfit and appearance. Vice president Camala Haris is a big lover of pearls, which was seen through her choice to wear a simple yet very dominant pearl necklace on Inauguration day.

How to Wear Pearls: FAQs

Is it OK to wear pearls everyday?

Absolutely. Pearl jewelry should be worn and enjoyed frequently, so avoid leaving your pearls in a security box for long periods of time. But as many jewelry, pearls are beautiful, but they are delicate and should be worn with care. You can check our article about how to take care of your pearls.

There is a saying, “pearls want to be worn”. And it’s true. Everyday outfits look even better with our pearls.

How can I wear pearls without looking old fashioned?

Pearls aren’t just for stuffy old women—they can actually brighten up your day and make you look forward to getting dressed for work. With some imagination, pearls can be incorporated into a modern and stylish work outfit.

By wearing a pearl necklace, rings, or any other article of clothing adorned with pearls, you convey both timelessness and modernity.

How do you wear pearls in 2022?

Mix pearls with other materials like silver, leather, or beads to make your jewelry less formal. To make traditional strands of pearls seem less dressy, add them to other necklaces in your collection.

When should you not wear pearls?

Extreme heat and water can both cause significant damage to pearls, so it’s best to avoid wearing them in those circumstances. When enjoying activities such as sunbathing or swimming, be sure to remove your pearls beforehand.

Is it OK to shower with pearls?

Any chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, or alkaline conditions can harm the gleaming sheen of Pearl. You should never bathe with your pearls on and always clean them gently after wearing them using a soft cloth as a general rule.

Can you wear pearls with jeans?

A stunning jewelry set with matching accessories is an excellent way to complement your favorite pair of jeans. In fact, pearls and a lovely pair of pants may be the ideal combination of classy and casual for getting together with friends, going shopping, running errands, or any other activity.

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