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For many of us, wearing jewellery is a essential part of getting ready in which necklaces and bracelets, rings, and cufflinks are all staple items of a finished look. Whether they are worn for sentimental, symbolic or purely aesthetic reasons – accessories can be a subtle way of expressing parts of your identity and personality, whilst also helping to build and elevate your own personal style.

Although some costume jewellery is purchased and thrown away after one wear, investment pieces such as our Majorica pearls can be worn for a lifetime if they are looked after and cared for correctly.

In this blog we’ll be exploring why jewellery care is so important, and discussing the best practices when it comes to maintaining the unique beauty of pearls.

Read on to discover how to clean your pearls correctly, and find out our tips on how to keep your Majorica pearl jewelry looking their absolute best.

Why Should I Clean my Jewellery?

We clean our houses, cars and clothes – so why do so many people forget to clean their jewellery?

The inherent nature of jewellery means that it is worn, usually in close contact with the skin for weeks, months – and sometimes even years – on end. This means that it can accumulate a significant amount of grime as time passes which is not always visibly obvious.

In addition to looking dirty and detracting from the beauty which drew you to the jewellery in the first place, it can also be quite harmful as it can attract bacteria and germs which can be damaging for both you and the jewellery.

Whilst cleaning and polishing jewellery keeps it free of any unwanted bacteria or dirt, it also restores it to its former glory and keeps your favourite pieces looking their very best. When you wear something every day, it’s very easy to get used to it and forget what it looked like originally.

Without regular cleaning, stones can lose their shine, silver oxidizes and the overall design can end up looking quite dull.

This means that if you wear your pearls often, it’s beneficial to have a regular cleaning routine in place.

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Cleaning Pearls – Where to Start?

Although pearls have the potential to last for decades, they are fairly unique in their structure as they are alkaline – which makes them very vulnerable to certain chemicals.

As such, a simpler approach to their maintenance is best, in which soapy, lukewarm water or a damp cloth works best.

First, gently wipe the pearls delicately, ensuring that you target any hard-to-reach areas that require attention.

Once they have been carefully rinsed, lay them flat on a towel to air dry and avoid using any heat. After it has been established that there is no water left on them, they should then be carefully wiped with a soft cotton cloth or a piece of chamois leather. This can help to remove any dirt, whilst also enhancing their natural luster and restoring their renowned iridescent appeal.

If your pearls are on string, make sure that it is totally dry before wearing them as moisture can cause it to stretch.

Storing Your Pearls – The Best Way to Keep Your Pearls Safe

As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure!

Although it can be hard to completely shield your pearls from any harm, a simple but effective way to help ensure their longevity is by storing them correctly. Pearls are very soft, which means they can easily be scratched. This should therefore be protected from contact with harder objects like metal or tougher stones and be handled carefully.

When they are not being worn, pearls should ideally be stored in a cloth pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth. After this is done, put your pearls in a secure jewelry box or store them in a container that is in a safe place. This will protect them from any scratches, and keep them free of dust particles.

It’s also worth remembering that pearls are part water – meaning maintaining moisture can help pearl stability. Too much heat from either intense light, heat sources or sunlight can lead to discoloration and even cracks on the surface. As such, it’s important to keep them away from too much heat, direct sunlight and excessively dry environments.

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Avoid Harsh Chemicals

As mentioned earlier, pearls are alkaline – making them especially vulnerable to certain chemicals which can damage the pearls.

This means that you should be careful with how you wear them, and never use harsh cleaning detergents on them. For example, certain perfumes have the capacity to erode or damage the outer layer of the pearl, whilst splashes from strong substances like bleach, nail polish remover, washing detergent and even some foods can stain and adversely affect the appearance and longevity of your jewellery piece.

It is therefore worth being aware of when you wear pearls, and taking precautions to shield them from any potentially damaging substances.

Majorica Pearls – Discover the Collection

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With a 10-year warranty on all of our products – you can be sure that whichever piece you invest in will last you for years to come, and be the accessory that sees you through some of life’s most memorable milestones.

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