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The date is set and the guest list has been finalised, and the dress of your dreams is hanging in anticipation, hidden out of sight in the closet. All that is left to purchase are your accessories – which, while may seem insignificant, remain important finishing touches that complete the bridal look.

From veils and garters through to earrings, hair accessories, necklaces and more – bridal accessories are a great way to enhance a wedding dress and serve as sentimental memories of your big day once the last dance has concluded, the champagne has run dry and the last guest has stopped dancing and retired home for the evening.

A Closer Look: Wedding Jewellery

Whilst wedding rings are most synonymous with marriage, we’re here today to talk to you about another important accessory: bridal bracelets.

Although often overlooked, they are a brilliant addition to the wedding outfit. They can enhance details of the wedding dress, draw attention to the ring hand, whilst also acting as a pretty accessory which will be clearly visible when toasting a glass of bubbly to a happy future.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

To celebrate our bridal collection, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite pearl bracelets and other accessories that aim to conjure some inspiration for anyone still on the search for their perfect wedding accessory.

Pearls have been popular for many centuries, and are imbued with a certain romanticism. They are believed by many people to represent purity, which translates well to weddings and other romantic gatherings.

This has made them the ideal gift to show love, meaning they work particularly well in jewellery and other accessories. They are also aesthetically very pretty, whereby they are understated and subtle enough to work with most outfits and looks – including bridal wear.

Read on to discover why bridal pearl bracelets are the perfect choice for your wedding day and how they can be worn.

Bracelet Carina

bracelet carina

Be inspired by the accessories of the Victorian era with this beautiful pearl bracelet – boasting unique, Victorian-style jewels with a radiant personality.

Perfectly suited for a vintage bride or anyone with more classic tastes, this bracelet is a stylish nod to the nineteenth century whilst still being contemporary enough to work in a modern setting. As it is a fairly detailed and eye-catching piece, this bracelet would look particularly elegant worn with a sleeveless, simple wedding dress. However, it would equally suit a bride who has embraced the retro look, and would enhance any dresses that are created from lace, or that sport heavy embroidery or other intricate details.

They complement our Carina earrings wonderfully, and together they are the perfect pairing for any bride that wants to effectively evoke the style of a bygone time.

earrings carina

Bracelet Arabesque

Bracelet Arabesque

When it comes to classic wedding bracelets, our Bracelet Arabesque is the ideal candidate. This beautiful bangle is silver rhodium-plated, and features a selection of carefully paced round white pearls that dazzle and charm when they hit the light.

This is a great bracelet for brides who don’t want to detract attention away from their dress, or for those who prefer a more understated look. It is a clasp bangle, so secures safely to the wrist and is subtle enough to be worn with accompanying accessories or earrings, such as our Titania earrings.

They are an effective choice to jazz up plainer, simple dresses whilst also subtle enough to tone down more extravagant looks that may have clashed with other jewellery choices.

earrings titania

Pure Love Set

Although not directly part of our bridal collection, we couldn’t leave this stunning set-out!

The Pure Love Set includes a rhodium-plated bracelet and a pair of pierced stud earrings. Each piece features a heart and a pearl, creating a timeless essential that is perfectly appropriate for a day that is centred around love, commitment and promises. It is a subtle acknowledgement of the romanticism of the occasion, making it a brilliant gift for brides-to-be.

pure love set

Silver bracelet Lyra

Similar to the above – our pearl bracelet Lyra isn’t included as part of our bridal collection. However, it should definitely be considered when shopping for bridal bracelets, as its classic design ensures that it is a piece which will stay in style for decades.

There’s a reason that simple pearl jewellery is so popular – and this is because it is timeless. Unlike contemporary or loud jewellery, pearls have been popular for centuries, whereby their subtle yet pretty aesthetic means they go with almost anything and stand the test of time.

This bracelet is no exception, and would look chic with traditional ivory and white dresses, through to more contemporary dress styles. It is also understated enough to be worn beyond the big day and is a staple piece in all jewellery boxes.

pearl bracelet lyra

Gold Plated Large Bracelet Aura with White Pearl

The bracelet Aura is another one taken from outside our bridal collection, but deserves a mention due to its stunning, minimalistic design.

This bangle is a classy addition to any walk down the aisle, and a good choice for brides who prefer gold-toned jewellery over the more traditional silver. This also makes it a good candidate for unconventional brides, who prefer to wear different coloured or styles of gown when celebrating their wedding.

bracelet aura

Beyond Wedding Bracelets

At Majorica, we have years of experience designing and creating pearl jewellery that showcases both modern design and functionality.

From rings and necklaces through to pendants and rings – we stock a wide selection of accessories that are perfect for brides and wedding gifts. Whether you are the lucky bride-to-be, or someone who is attending a wedding, our products are great gifts that will serve as a beautiful memento of the occasion for many years to come.

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