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For most of us, as soon as we hear that we’ve been invited to a wedding, our mind starts spinning and thinking about what dress we’re going to wear and how to accessorise our look with jewellery to give it that extra touch.

Choosing the right jewellery to stand out at a wedding is crucial, as we want to feel radiant and sophisticated, without detracting attention from the bride. In this article, we’ll share some top tips about how to choose the best jewellery depending on the type of wedding, whether it’s during the day or in the evening, as well as the best colour and style combinations.

Paying attention to these details will help you look fabulous on such a special day, while making sure not to outshine the bride. Let’s get started!

Jewellery to match any look

Sets of pearls to wear to a wedding

Some jewellery has that special gift of complementing any outfit, whatever the season or occasion. These are discreet and timeless pieces that highlight the natural beauty of whoever wears them.

For example, subtle bridal earrings in gold or silver are an ideal option for both day and night. They add elegance and a subtle sparkle to illuminate your face without overshadowing your outfit. Pearl earrings are always a safe bet for a classic wedding option, adding brightness and sophistication to any look.

Necklaces to wear to a wedding

A simple necklace with a single string of pearls is a fail-safe choice. Add personality to your outfit without taking away from your dress. Take a look at our  wedding necklaces for brides and jewellery for wedding guests.

Jewellery fit for a wedding

Silver bridal bracelets or even rigid bangles with pearl accents are the perfect choice for your wrist. They add just the right amount of sparkle without overdoing it. Just like wedding rings they will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Pearls are a perfect detail to wear to a wedding

Majorica’s  pearl collections for weddings are perfect for both bridal attire and for guests. The discreet and elegant designs enhance the person’s natural beauty, whatever the season. This jewellery is versatile and elegant, adapting to both day and evening dresses, standing out for their sophistication without clashing. Just like our Eternal collection.

Looks for daytime weddings

Jewellery for wedding guests

Daytime weddings are a pure style adventure! From the most formal to the most relaxed and chilled, there’s a little bit of everything!

For more elegant daytime weddings, such as those held in a church, long dresses are the perfect choice. But that doesn’t mean your jewellery has to be boring! A small set of earrings and a fine bracelet can give it that splash of class without going overboard. If your dress is strapless, go for special earrings to add a bit of extra sparkle!

Short dresses, whether cocktail or midi, give you more freedom to experiment with jewellery! Big earrings and necklaces are great for adding that sophisticated touch to the look! Don’t forget the stacked bracelets, as they’re always a hit!

For a floral, ethnic or boho-themed wedding, go for  handcrafted silver jewellery with natural motifs to match! Asymmetrical and organic pieces are perfect for such a relaxed style!

Handcrafted silver jewellery

For country or beach weddings, go for small and delicate jewellery, such as our Dangle collection! These will blend in perfectly with the setting, without stealing the limelight or being a bit too much.

Dangle collection | Majorica Pearls

Remember that the important thing is to make sure the jewellery complements your look and personality and not for it to hog all the attention! Combine them to create harmony in size, colour and style!

Evening wedding looks

Evening weddings are all about elegance and sophistication! And what better occasion to show off those more show-stopping pieces you’ve got hidden away?

Whether you go for a long or short cocktail dress, it’s the perfect moment to dig out that long pearl necklace you love, or those shiny rhinestone earrings that really grab attention.

Big and flashy earrings, either with pearls or stones, are perfect to combine with evening dresses! The same goes for necklaces:  long pearl necklaces, chokers or Luna 3-strand pearl necklaces to add a splash of glamour to your wedding guest look.

Luna 3-strand pearl necklaces

You can also opt for chunky bangles or pearl and rhinestone bracelets to complement your outfit. But remember! It’s important that the jewellery is in proportion to the size and style of your dress, without overdoing it.

Large vs. understated jewellery

Choose wedding guest jewellery that really complements your style

Go for it! The choice between big and understated jewellery really depends on the type of dress and wedding vibe. If your dress is quite simple, without too many embellishments, a special necklace, long earrings or chunky bracelets can add that perfect touch to make you stand out! But if you choose a more decorative or lacy dress, it’s better to go for smaller and more discreet pieces so as not to overdo it!

The same goes for the wedding theme. For daytime or outdoor weddings, delicate jewellery without lots of flashy rhinestones tends to look better! But for evening weddings or more formal events, you can be more daring and go for big, bright and flashy designs!  Wedding pearls are a win.


  • For simple dresses, go for big, eye-catching jewellery such as special necklaces or earrings! The perfect jewellery choice for wedding guests.
  • For more ornate dresses, go for smaller and more discreet pieces such as short or simple earrings!
  • For daytime weddings, it’s best to go for delicate jewellery without too many flashy rhinestones!
  • But when it comes to evening weddings, be more daring and go for large, sparkly designs!

The most important thing is to find the right balance between the dress and the jewellery. The dress is the centrepiece and the jewellery is the perfect complement to elevate your look!

Practical tips

Here are some practical tips for when it comes to choosing jewellery for wedding guests:

  • Go for pieces that combine easily with different styles and outfits. Long necklaces and earrings are ideal, as you can wear them with any look! Dainty bracelets are also very versatile!
  • Make sure that your jewellery is securely adjusted and fastened to avoid loss and accidents. Necklaces and bracelets with secure clasps and broaches are a must!
  • Only wear jewellery that’s essential to your look. Too many pieces can make you feel uncomfortable and overloaded! It’s better to go for just a few flashy pieces than too many small ones!
  • Don’t wear jewellery that is particularly valuable or delicate if you plan on celebrating and dancing the night away. Save those pieces for a quieter occasion!
  • Choose modern designs, avoiding pieces that are too-old fashioned or childish. Aim for that balance between classic and contemporary!
  • Be careful with oversized or flashy pieces as these can detract attention away from the bride! Remember that it’s her day, so opt for more understated accessories!
  • Choose quality brands such as Majorica, with versatile and comfortable designs that are perfect for weddings. You’ll shine with the Dangle and Eternal collections!

I hope these tips help you find the perfect pieces for your next wedding! Shine with your own light!

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