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It’s Saturday night, and we’re going out to dinner at a restaurant in the city. We prepare our look and wear “pearls with a black dress. There is no failure, but there is no risk either”. These are the words of Natalia Ferviú, the stylist in charge of our talk during the past #classicmeetseveryone event.

natalia ferviu majorica

For Ferviú, pearls are experiencing a real renaissance. There is nothing wrong with following the most classic combinations. But, for the stylist, it is much more interesting to combine clothes that, at first, we would not associate with pearls.

For example, “wearing pearls with a T-shirt and jeans and that’s how we turn up the look.”

Jewellery according to women’s body types

We can use jewellery to enhance certain parts of our bodies. Or we can opt to go against it and play with our body’s shapes and accessories. But the important thing is that “the accessory you wear, what story do you want it to tell”.

“We are being allowed to play whoever we want to be” The rules are there to be broken, but first, you have to know them. That is why Ferviú surprised us with a master class on what jewels to use according to our silhouette.

Jewellery for an A-shaped body

Silhouette A would be the one in which the woman’s hips are more comprehensive than the upper part (chest and shoulders). It is also commonly known as a pear silhouette.

In this case, the ideal is to use jewellery that diverts the gaze to the area of the face. Using short necklaces or chokers is a good resource. In addition, the most striking pearl earrings are the ideal complement for this type of body.

We recommend the Algaida pearl necklace, a necklace that combines amber Murano crystals with a medium Majorica pearl as the centrepiece of the jewel. You can combine them with the Algaida earrings, a touch of colour for your most sophisticated looks.

Jewellery for a V silhouette

Women with a V silhouette would have a lot of back or the area of the shoulders more comprehensive than the rest of the body. In these cases, the aim is to divert the gaze towards the location of the hands.

Statement rings and bracelets are the allies of the V silhouette. Like our Peregrina bracelet, they were inspired by the Renaissance tradition. Or the ring from the Petra collection, with a grey or white pearl.

Pearl and aged filigree renaissance bracelet Peregrina

A thin and long chain is also recommended for this type of body. The Keila necklace with a wild pearl will look great if you have a V body.

Keila necklace with wild pearl

Jewellery for women with body O

A silhouette that tends to have a large chest and belly, and a thin leg. They can use striking or long earrings that work very well. A short or semi-long necklace that reaches the chest, but avoid bracelets. To compensate for the curved lines of this type of silhouette, accessories with straighter lines would be used.

Our Lyra pearl necklace would be the ideal accessory for this type of body. Or a finer chain like the Romea pearl necklace, with tiny pearls that highlight the woman’s face.

pearl necklace

As for earrings, the Lyra pearl earrings are perfectly suited for women with an O-shaped body. You will also find the Keila earrings with wild pearls to combine with the necklace from the same collection.

pendientes perla salvaje

Jewellery for bodies H

In this case, the characteristic straight lines of this type of silhouette would be counteracted with accessories more inclined to the curve.

Volumes, perhaps instead of a long straight necklace, a cascading or layered necklace. Earrings with a lot of volume, bracelets loaded with pearls and precious stones.

For this type of body, we recommend necklaces with large pearls, such as the Juno pearl necklace. Or the Jour pearl necklace, a 120 cm necklace with which you can play to create different layers and volumes.

Necklace Jour 8mm white pearls 120cm

Peregrina earrings are an excellent option to highlight the face area. Some earrings with flower filigree and a central pearl.

Pearl filigree flower earrings Peregrina

Let’s talk about bracelets. A pearl bracelet brings dynamism to the look. That accessories can help us create a different experience on each occasion. In that case, the bracelet is the ideal complement to highlight what we want to be on each occasion.

Let’s return to the black dress we discussed at the beginning. Imagine now that the same dress is adorned with our gold Petra bracelet with white pearl. Or that we complement the same dress with the Algaida bracelet with white pearl and amber Murano crystals. It is the same dress, but they are two completely different stories.

Knowing the game’s rules is essential to understand how to play and win.

Now that you have more information about which accessories work best with each type of silhouette, we want to emphasize that the most important thing is the story you decide to tell at each moment.

And remember, Majorica will be with you on every occasion.

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