Bracelets and watches, the perfect match for men

You’re currently experimenting with new ways to express your personal style and unique tastes through your appearance. One trend that is growing in popularity is combining bracelets and watches to create a unique look.

Bracelets allow you to subtly let your personality shine through. From leather bracelets to elastic bracelets with pearls, there are many options for you to add a touch of character to any outfit.

Bracelets and watches, the perfect match for men

Combining bracelets with your watch is a unique way to accentuate your look and show off your own style. For many years, watches have been a normal part of men’s day-to-day dress, but adding bracelets gives a more modern, updated look. Playing with different bracelet and watch styles, textures and colours allows you to create personalised outfits that reflect your unique personality.

Large watch vs small watch

The choice between a large watch and a small watch is important when it comes to combining it with bracelets, as this influences the space available on your wrist.

Large watches, measuring 40mm or more, draw more attention and stand out as the central feature on your wrist. As they take up more space, they leave less room for adding bracelets.

On the other hand, small, more discreet watches, measuring less than 40mm, can be combined with more bracelets and other accessories. As these watches don’t stand out as much, the bracelets will be more visible.

In conclusion, depending on the look you’re going for, a large watch accentuates the wrist more, whereas with a small one you can add more bracelets and create more striking compositions.

Matching materials

When combining a watch with bracelets, it’s important to think about the materials to achieve a harmonious look. Here are a few tips to combine materials effectively:

“Combining metals” like silver and gold can give a sophisticated look. The two metals have a way of expressing an interesting image on your wrist. A gold watch can be combined with silver bracelets or vice versa.

Zindis bracelet
Tender bracelet

“Leather” goes well with both metal and elastic. A leather watch with silver bracelets or an elastic bracelet with a leather watch are good options. Leather transmits warmth, while metal or silicone create contrast with their shine and texture.

Casual style

When it comes to more casual or informal style, leather or elastic bracelets are the ideal combination with your watch. Neutral colours like brown, black, grey or white will look good, as will pastel tones.

Limit combinations for informal looks to 1 or 2 bracelets at the most. Over-accessorising can create a cluttered look. Choose designs that don’t compete with your watch. Wear bracelets more loosely for a more relaxed, informal style. Various Majorica collections give you the perfect balance, such as:

Zindis collection

Simple at first sight, but harbouring the power of choice. Its pieces, which are interchangeable, will give you the freedom to play and combine them to achieve a special piece of jewellery that fully reflects your personality.

Custom men bracelets

Sailor collection

From double bracelets that combine leather, metal and pearls, to pieces with two-tone hawser links in the purest sailor style.  Using durable materials such as stainless steel and intricate details inspired by marine life, each piece of jewellery in the Sailor collection is a trendy statement with strength, style and character.

Elegant style

For formal occasions, it’s best to opt for designer bracelets with pure lines or that go well with the colour so as not to draw too much attention and combine elegantly with your watch.

With Nyx, we make it clear that it’s time to feel free in your own style, that labels are out of fashion and that we can’t wait to see you enjoy the most inclusive, intergenerational pearls, with no limits or preconceptions.

Pearl bracelet for men

How many bracelets?

When you wear a watch, especially a large, attractive one, it’s best not to overload your wrist with too many bracelets. A couple of bracelets can elegantly complement your watch, but too much of this can be distracting and take the focus away from your watch.

Ideally you should only wear one or two thin bracelets with your watch. Thin, leather, cord or metal bracelets are excellent options.

Keeping your wrist simple allows your watch to stand out and highlights its design. You don’t need much more, just a couple of subtle bracelets.

Too many bracelets together with your watch can make your wrist look too overloaded and less elegant. It’s better to avoid filling your entire wrist with bracelets and focus on highlighting the beauty of your watch.

Position and adjustment

The position of the bracelets in relation to your watch can make the difference in your final look. Ideally you would wear the watch a bit further up your wrist and bracelets below, to achieve a more harmonious visual effect.

It’s also important to adjust both your watch and bracelets correctly, without wearing them too tightly, to make sure you feel comfortable. One good trick is to leave enough space for a finger to fit between your wrist and each piece. This will allow you to wear them for longer without them bothering you.

Final tips

To sum up, there are a few key points to get it right when combining men’s bracelets with a watch:

  • Bracelets depending on the size of your watch. With large watches, combine 1-2 thin bracelets. With small watches, you can add more bracelets.
  • For casual looks, prioritise elastic bracelets. For formal or evening looks, choose thin designer bracelets.
  • Adjust your bracelets and watch correctly so they don’t move or get in the way. The position will depend on the size of your wrist and the watch.
Pearl necklace for men

In short, it’s easy to get it right when combining bracelets with a watch. And if you’re interested in completing your look, you can check out this article on pearl necklaces for men . Follow your preferences but bear these tips in mind for a harmonious result. Enjoy creating your own looks!

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