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Majorica is a Spanish brand with a long history and tradition in the creation of organic pearl jewellery. Founded in Mallorca (Spain) in 1890, we are pioneers in the manufacture of high quality pearls.

Since our company was founded, we have focused on offering accessible beauty without compromising on craftsmanship or attention to detail. The necklaces are made with organic, man-made pearls.

For brides, Majorica wedding necklaces are the perfect choice for several reasons:

  • Tradition: Wearing pearls on your wedding day is an ancient tradition that symbolises purity and innocence.
  • Quality: Pearls maintain the highest quality standards, with exceptional lustre and durability.
  • Versatility: There are necklaces for every bridal or wedding guest style, from simple, minimalist designs to more elaborate, glamorous options. They adapt to both modern and vintage looks.

With a long brand history, we offer trusted necklaces for traditional and modern brides looking for quality at a great price. Our pearls sparkle with elegance while preserving jewellery that is as special as it is classic.

Classic necklaces

Classic wedding necklaces capture the true essence of romance with timeless designs that enhance the natural beauty of any bride or guest. We offer a wide selection of elegant necklaces that will complement your dress perfectly.

For brides seeking an extra touch of sparkle, the zirconia Venus necklace will add a bright twinkle, and the Victorian style adjustable Carina necklace will allow your personality to shine through.


Wedding necklaces reflect the latest trends in bridal jewellery. Current trends include:

Wedding pearl necklaces | Majorica Pearls
  • Long pearl necklaces. Long necklaces that sit reach the collarbone or lower are very fashionable. They offer an elegant and sophisticated look. The Jour model would be ideal. You can also discover how to wear a long pearl necklace in this article.
  • Classic pearls never go out of fashion for weddings. Pearls have a special meaning, representing purity and innocence.
  • Yellow gold and gold are right back in fashion. Vintage gold necklaces add a retro and glamorous touch. They go perfectly with lace dresses and light fabrics.
  • Vintage style is a must for weddings. Antique necklaces inspired by classic designs are trending. The Margot jewellery meets these characteristics. Discover the collection.
Margot collection
  • Minimalist, delicate and discreet designs are still in fashion. You will find modern, simple pieces for brides or guests looking for a more modest look.
  • Although pearl necklaces remain dominant, some daring brides also go for designs with coloured stones. The You&Me Selene collection stands out for its splash of colour, such as emerald green or ruby red.
Selene collection

There is a wide range of different types of pearl necklaces to give a personal touch to each occasion or style.

Styling tips

Here are some styling tips to get the most out of your wedding necklaces on your big day:

Wedding necklaces

– If you choose a dress with a plunging neckline, go for a shorter and more delicate necklace to avoid overloading the look. Necklaces with a single string of pearls or small pearls are ideal.

– For strapless or halter neck dresses, go for longer necklaces. The length of the necklace will help frame the neckline and add a sophisticated touch.

– Lace dresses or dresses with lots of details will look great with simple single tier necklaces so as not to compete with the details of the dress itself.

– With high-cut dresses or round necklines, go for more eye-catching necklaces that add a touch of sparkle.

– Play around with layering and combine necklaces of different lengths to give extra personality to your outfit. For example, a long necklace with a shorter one on top.

– Colour is important too. If your dress is one colour, choose a necklace with pearls either in the same or contrasting colours. When it comes to prints, go for white or cream pearls.

Whatever your style, Majorica has the perfect necklace for you. Let your creativity run wild and find the best way to incorporate these unique pieces into your look. Your wedding will be unforgettable!


Pearl necklaces are delicate pieces that require special care to conserve their beauty with the passage of time. Here are some tips to look after these necklaces correctly:

  • Avoid exposing the pearls to chemical products, perfumes, creams and cosmetics, as these can damage their finish. Ideally, put them on after you have dressed and put on your perfume.
  • Store necklaces in a soft fabric box or bag rather than in a hard box that could scratch the pearls.
  • Don’t wear necklaces while doing activities such as sports, cleaning or gardening where they can get caught or knocked.
  • Remove the necklace before showering or swimming to avoid prolonged exposure to chlorinated water, salt water, etc.
  • Dry them with a soft cloth after use if they have been exposed to moisture.
  • Only clean pearls with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Never use chemical or abrasive products.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place and don’t expose them to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to wear your elegant pearl necklaces on special occasions for many years to come. They are worth taking proper care of to preserve their beauty. If you want to read more about this topic, take a look at our article How to clean pearls.


The bridal necklaces receive excellent reviews and positive opinions from brides around the world. Here are some of the top reviews:

“I love my pearl necklace! It’s just what I was looking for to go with my simple and elegant wedding dress. The quality is excellent and I received so many compliments on my wedding day. 100% recommended for brides looking for something classic and timeless.”

“Pearl necklaces are so elegant and versatile. I wore mine to the ceremony and dinner, and then took it off for the dancing and partying. It’s a timeless piece that I’ll treasure forever. Perfect for both traditional and modern brides.”


Wedding necklaces are an elegant and unique way to shine on your special day. With decades of experience in craftsmanship, at Majorica we create timeless and modern designs that enhance the natural beauty of any bride or guest.

Whether you prefer classic pearls, minimalist trends or custom designs, there is plenty of versatility to complement any dress and style, with careful attention to detail and the highest quality materials.

Invest in an elegant and delicate accessory that conveys your unique nature. When you think back to your special day, your pearl necklace will accompany you as a perpetual symbol of your commitment.

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