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A new trend prediction for 2024, is the so-called “Grandpa” Fashion or “eclectic grandpa”.

Majorica Pearls

Here is a brief definition of the concept

Grandpa fashion, also known as eclectic vintage fashion, is a style inspired by retro fashion, linked to older or elderly people. It is characterised by its mix of classic, vintage and sometimes extravagant elements. It represents a nostalgic and diverse aesthetic, combining textures, prints and colours for a unique look.

So, how can we link vintage fashion with pearls?

Pearls have a long history, and it is known that pearl jewellery making was a widespread and favoured activity among ancient peoples. We know that their use comes first from Asia and later spread to Europe, coming to be used not only as ornaments but also as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Pearls are an element that have accompanied us for centuries, being a current but classic object that is desired by women, men and children alike. It is the perfect piece for the current trend, a classic accessory that provides a vintage touch.

History of Majorica

What about Majorica pearls?

In this article about the history of Majorica we tell you about natural pearls, and how Majorica creates the only organic man-made pearls. Since 1890, the company has been innovating to be part of fashion, looking for its niche and to form part of trends. Thanks to its wide variety of designs, it is part of the new trend, Grandpa fashion.

A few tips to create your own Grandpa style in vintage fashion 

Vintage pieces:

Incorporate garments from different eras, such as tweed jackets, cardigans, high-waisted trousers and braces.


Layering is a common feature in vintage fashion, with waistcoats, scarves and jumpers worn over shirts and under jackets, creating a textured and cosy look.


Grandpa fashion often includes a variety of accessories such as hats, bow ties, pocket squares and classic watches. These accessories add a touch of sophistication and individuality.

Majorica Exquisite Collection

Are you bold and extravagant? Then complete your outfit with the Carina triple necklace. Your personality will dazzle and no one will be able to take their eyes off you. A Victorian style perfectly represented by pearls and their link to Grandpa fashion, explaining their historical roots mixed with the introduction of Middle Eastern and Asian influences.

But the most outstanding accessories are pearl jewellery. Majorica Pearls offer a wide variety of pearl necklaces, rings and pendants that would give the final touch to that much sought after look.

Majorica Carina necklace

But that’s not all. Slightly more romantic and less extravagant is the Luna necklace. Thanks to the three layers and its white pearls styling women’s necklines, forging an unparalleled feminine image.

Majorica Luna necklace

Over the centuries, we have seen an evolution of jewellery designed for the female audience, but more and more jewellery is being extended to the male world, producing magnificent jewellery such as the Zale signet ring. A unisex piece that stands out on its own, breaking the conventional moulds, looking even more special. But that’s not all, the pearl pendant for men has earned a place in fashion over the last few years thanks to celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Harry Styles, among others.

The Grandpa look, an ice-breaker trend in vintage fashion

Although the trend has a clear clothing line, it enables us to expand the play of accessories and break clear labels. Although a necklace with white pearls is the most sought after accessory for this fashion, we can add a personal touch by changing colours, shapes and sizes of the accessory we are most interested in. So don’t be left behind, and transform this nostalgic look with a pop of colour with the Lyra necklace with pink pearls. Delicate, casual but classic at the same time.

Lyra necklace

In short, if you want to change your look, try the new trend. Forget about the rules and let yourself be inspired by the evolution of fashion. Have fun experimenting, combining and wearing what you want. The vintage look is the new trend!

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