joyas para regalar el día de la madre

Mother’s Day is a very special occasion to celebrate our mums and everything they do for us. What better way to show them our love than by giving them something as beautiful and elegant as jewellery?

In this article we’ll explain why jewellery for Mother’s Day is the perfect gift and recommend some special pieces. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, discover the best options to surprise the most important person in your life.

Our Majorica jewellery stands out for its beauty, quality and designs. These pieces can become your mum’s favourites and she can wear them on many occasions. As well as having great sentimental value, they’re precious and lasting pieces of jewellery for an elegant and sophisticated style.

You’ll find all the tips and inspiration you need to choose the perfect jewellery gift for the most important woman in your life. Let’s get started!

The importance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a popular and endearing day to celebrate all mums and their hard work. It’s celebrated in many countries at different times of year, but the idea is the same: to pay homage to mother figures and all that they represent.

The origin of Mother’s Day dates back to Ancient Greece, where Rhea, the mother of Gods, was worshipped. Later, during the Roman Empire, Cybele, the mother goddess, was celebrated. Over time, these pagan festivals were replaced by Christian religious celebrations to honour the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

In modern times, Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908 onwards, as an initiative started by Anna Jarvis, who proposed the idea of honouring mothers one day a year. The idea then went on to spread to other countries, before becoming a key date in the calendar.

Beyond its historical origin, Mother’s Day is a special time to express our gratitude for the love, care and sacrifices made by mums. It’s a chance to show them our love and admiration with details, gifts or simply words of affection. Whatever the form, the important thing is to value mother figures and dedicate a whole day to honouring them.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Why give jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift?

Giving jewellery on Mother’s Day is a tradition with deep symbolism and meaning. Jewellery represents a mother’s inner and outer beauty, as well as the unconditional love and special bond between her and her children.

Choosing a piece of jewellery is an expression of how precious our mum is to us. Jewellery is a lasting symbol of our affection for her and the recognition of all her effort and sacrifice she put in to raising us. It’s a gift that honours her role as a pillar of the family.

Jewellery also conveys admiration for both her strength and unique personality. Whether it’s a bracelet, earrings or a necklace, each piece of jewellery highlights a mother’s beauty, both inside and out. Giving pearls for Mother’s Day has an even more special meaning.

The best jewellery for Mother’s Day

We have a wide range of designs. You’ll find the perfect gift for your mum.

Pearl necklaces are a timeless classic and enhance innate female elegance. The most popular designs are princess single-string pearl necklaces, or longer necklaces for an elegant look, such as the three-string necklaces for more daring women.

Gifts for Mother's Day

We also have a special necklace design for Mother’s Day which will be sure to grab their full attention. It’s a must. Our Mom Love necklace is like a long embrace. This necklace tells an endless love story. Mom Love definitely captures everything they represent and is the perfect way to remind us of their significance and unwavering, healing power in our lives, every single day.

Mom Love necklace

Necklaces are always a success. Find out more about giving necklaces for Mother’s Day.

Hoop earrings are the perfect accessory to give that special touch to any outfit. Classic simple or double pearl designs are perfect for day-to-day wear. For special occasions you can go for large hoop earrings with pearls, such as our Marianela earrings.

Earrings for Mother's Day

Bracelets are on trend this season. Pearls are perfect for mum, as they go with everything.

Rings are another elegant option. In particular pearl earrings with pearl details in gold or silver, which are stylish and modern. The Nuada model is the perfect ring for mum, with pure yet sophisticated lines. And if you’re not sure how to choose ring sizes, take a look at our guide.

anillo para el día de la madre

Whatever you mum’s style, at Majorica you’ll find timeless designs that stand out for their elegance and quality. They’re the perfect gift if you want to spoil your mum and make her feel special on her day.


Giving the gift of jewellery for Mother’s Day is an excellent option for several reasons.

Firstly, our brand has decades of experience in creating top quality jewellery and elegant designs. Our jewellery is handmade with fine materials such as organic pearls and sterling silver, which guarantees its beauty and durability.

We also have a wide range of designs, from classic and timeless pieces to more modern and original options. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings for all tastes. These are versatile pieces that are perfect as gifts and for day-to-day wear.

So, if you’re looking for a special gift idea for your mum on this special day, opt for the pretty and resistant Majorica pieces. This gift will touch her heart and she can wear and enjoy it every single day. It’s a token of affection and good taste that every mum will appreciate.

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