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A romantic jewel full of nuances that recalls the courageous self-love that should accompany you day by day.
Gold steel with white pearl
An iridescent grey pearl is intertwined in its pendant, which brings a touch of casual sophistication to your neck.
A filigree piece delicately crafted in silver with an aged finish, it features a beautiful white baroque pearl that sparkles.
An audacious piece with a lot of personality that reflects your love for tradition.
Inspired by medieval art and iconography, this limited edition cross pendant is perfect if you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd.
The Trinity Cross pendant is an unmistakable hallmark and a traditional jewellery box essential, marked by its elegance and vintage essence that make it a stunning, timeless piece.
Petra, the modernity of spherical linesPetra, the modernity of spherical lines

Petra, the modernity of spherical lines

Circa, your new favourite jewelleryCirca, your new favourite jewellery

Circa, your new favourite jewellery

Kea. The magic of the earcuffsKea. The magic of the earcuffs

Kea. The magic of the earcuffs

This makes it a perfect symbol of faith, history and purity.
Elegant and classic, this special cross pendant combines 6mm and 8mm white and gray half-pearls.
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If you love made in Majorica pearls, the cross pendant with a 4mm round gray pearl will become your new favourite.
The purest elegance can be found in this cross pendant with 4mm and 6mm round pearls.
This gold-plated silver pendant is the perfect match for the magical shine of the 6mm round Tahiti pearls that decorate the cross.
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The combination of 6mm white and Tahiti pearls is definitely what makes this cross pendant the perfect piece to complete your collection.
€101.50 €145.00
€30.10 €43.00
A tropical vibe in your everyday looks? We present the most exclusive pendant in the Bamboo collection.
The smooth lines make this necklace the perfect day-to-day piece. But don’t worry, it’s also a perfect option for special occasions.
The glass chain pendant from the Ayla collection can make any fashionista fall in love with it.
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Classic meets TodayClassic meets Today

The glass chain pendant from the Ayla collection can make any fashionista fall in love with it.
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Unveil the charm: our exclusive pearl pendant collection

Step into a world of timeless sophistication with our handcrafted pearl pendant collection. Each pearl pendant is a unique testament to our craftsmanship, meticulously designed in a variety of shapes - round, oval, and heart - and finished with silver or gold for that refined touch.

Our pearl pendants are more than just a piece of jewelry; they're an artistic expression. Our recent collections proudly feature pendants adorned with pearls, broadening our offering to cater to diverse style preferences. Each pendant radiates a captivating sheen, a hallmark of the high-quality pearls we handcraft with precision and devotion.

Dive into a spectrum of colors with our pearl pendants, from the classic hues of white, beige, and pink to our striking Tahiti shade. This intriguing addition bolsters our collection of black pearl pendants, a go-to choice for those who gravitate towards uniquely sophisticated and exclusive pieces.

When paired with a pearl necklace from our extensive collection, these pendants shine with an unmatched charm. Further enhance your look with our coordinated pearl earrings to create a harmonious pearl jewelry ensemble, adding a layer of sophistication to your style.

Step into the allure of our pearl pendant collection today. Whether you're accessorizing for a special event or choosing a daily wear piece, our pearl pendants are a beautiful way to express your unique style. Discover the breadth of our collection and find the piece that resonates with you.