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The dancing movement of the beads and pearls give it a delicate touch that will enhance any look.
Petra, the modernity of spherical linesPetra, the modernity of spherical lines

Petra, the modernity of spherical lines

Sifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowermentSifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowerment

Sifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowerment

Algaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant coloursAlgaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant colours

Algaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant colours


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Romanticism is reflected in these jewels that convey the sweetness of women.
A filigree piece delicately crafted in silver with an aged finish, it features a beautiful white baroque pearl that sparkles.
These earrings are a truly elegant and timeless choice. With their brilliant, red artisan glass, their colour will give your face the sensual and sophisticated look that you are seeking.

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The Capri choker is capable of enhancing any look. The gold-plated tin thread has two red 23mm Murano glass balls at the ends, which give this piece a fun and bold appearance.
This enveloping bracelet with red Murano glass is designed to give off a fun and youthful feel.
This bracelet from the Capri collection will take up a privileged place in your collection.
The combination of the traditional, round, cloud-coloured organic pearls and the red Murano glass balls make these earrings perfect for anyone looking for a modern yet elegant look.
A very original piece composed of a gold-plated metal choker, with a set of salmon and earth-coloured Murano glass balls and a round, grey pearl at the centre.
Classic Meets HimClassic Meets Him

Classic meets Him

A simple yet sophisticated piece of jewellery that will delicately wrap around your finger, featuring elegant, decorative Murano glass and cloudy round pearls.
Just as petals give shape to a flower, the pearl and balls give life to this elegant ring from the Corfú collection.