Petra. This is the name of the town in the most central part of Mallorca, at the very heart of the island. This gravitational centre, capable of connecting any point of the island to any other, is what inspired the new FW 2022 collection, the perfect collection for those seeking to enhance their style with the best of both worlds: the timeless touch of organic pearl and the modernity of spherical lines.


The collection is full of creative pieces incorporating modern designs. In it, you'll find a showcase of a range of pieces: a special pendant, a wrap-around bracelet, a modern and elegant ring and bangle and also some stunning earrings. 


Although it is true that the Majorica organic pearl is prominent in each piece of the collection -it is even possible to choose between the white or Tahiti version-, the presence of contemporary design is no less important thanks to the lines made from materials with silver and gold finishes.


This is the perfect collection for anyone who is looking for something different and sophisticated. Don’t hesitate, let yourself be seduced by elegant, exclusive pieces of jewellery as you revel in a more galactic style this season.  

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