Majorica - Classic meets TodayMajorica - Classic meets Today

Welcome to the universe of Rodrigo Cuevas.

There is only one person capable of converting asturian folklore into the most actual sound of Spain. And, of course, his talent had to claim our Classic Meets Today.

Etna Collection | Majorica PearlsEtna Collection | Majorica Pearls
Ready to drop the beat | Zale Collection | Majorica PearlsReady to drop the beat | Zale Collection | Majorica Pearls
Juno Collection, Pearl hoop earrings MajoricaJuno Collection, Pearl hoop earrings Majorica

Welcome to the world of Mëstiza.

Capable of placing flamenco’s sounds at the top of electronic music without losing tradition. These two talents could not represent our Classic meets Today more.