Gold necklaces

Our Lyra necklace is designed to enhance your style on any occasion, from events where glamour prevails to more casual and urban adventures.
Tradition and craftsmanship go hand in hand in these essentials. A must in your jewellery box!
Timeless creations that give a special touch to any type of style, for a look that is always elegant.

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Petra, the modernity of spherical linesPetra, the modernity of spherical lines

Petra, the modernity of spherical lines

Circa, your new favourite jewelleryCirca, your new favourite jewellery

Circa, your new favourite jewellery

Kea. The magic of the earcuffsKea. The magic of the earcuffs

Kea. The magic of the earcuffs

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A romantic jewel full of nuances that recalls the courageous self-love that should accompany you day by day.
Classic meets TodayClassic meets Today