Large pearl rings

The sphere in gold steel really shows off the beautiful, round and organic pearl, making this ring a timeless piece of jewellery.
The Capri ring wraps around your finger in a wavy fashion almost like a vine. A sensual, sophisticated piece full of femininity, with a 24k, 2 micron gold-plated tin base and red Murano glass balls. Try combining it with bracelets from the same collection
The Capri ring is ideal for those looking for a charming piece that is both comfortable and adjustable.
A simple yet sophisticated piece of jewellery that will delicately wrap around your finger, featuring elegant, decorative Murano glass and cloudy round pearls.
Just as petals give shape to a flower, the pearl and balls give life to this elegant ring from the Corfú collection.
This eye-catching silver ring forms part of our line of jewellery from the Tahiti capsule collection.
Whoever said that bridal jewellery is boring clearly had no idea about our Santorini Bianco capsule collection.
Can you imagine wearing a piece of paradise on your hand? Because the ring from the Santorini capsule collection is just that! 
This silver ring from the exclusive Santorini collection is a real work of art that you can’t miss out on.
Tradition and craftsmanship go hand in hand in these essentials. A must in your jewellery box!

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Petra, the modernity of spherical linesPetra, the modernity of spherical lines

Petra, the modernity of spherical lines

Sifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowermentSifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowerment

Sifnos, a tribute to the strenght and empowerment

Algaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant coloursAlgaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant colours

Algaida. Glass. Pearls. Vibrant and elegant colours


Discover our large pearl rings collection: a statement of distinctive style

Large pearl rings are an excellent option if what you’re looking for is a piece of jewelry that stands out. Whether you wear them to complement your everyday style or for special occasions, our large pearl rings are a timeless addition to any jewelry collection which will cover your hand without the need for any other accessory!

Maybe you think that a large pearl ring won’t go with your personal style? Don’t worry! Our collection includes options for all tastes and styles, from more classic designs to modern and eye-catching looks. What’s more, with our options in gold and silver you are guaranteed to find the ideal ring to suit your style and budget.

Take a look at our collection today and find the perfect pearl ring for you or the ideal piece for that special someone.