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€48.00 €96.00
€133.50 €267.00
€21.50 €43.00
€21.50 €43.00
€21.50 €43.00
€21.50 €43.00
€21.50 €43.00
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€48.00 €96.00
La perla orgánica Majorica es la pieza central con cierre omega sin pincho.
€72.50 €145.00
Petra, the modernity of spherical linesPetra, the modernity of spherical lines

Petra, the modernity of spherical lines

Circa, your new favourite jewelleryCirca, your new favourite jewellery

Circa, your new favourite jewellery

Kea. The magic of the earcuffsKea. The magic of the earcuffs

Kea. The magic of the earcuffs

An organic round white pearl is the true protagonist of this piece, enrobed in colour.
€17.50 €35.00
The exclusive Kéa earcuff in gold is an on-trend must, as you don’t need a piercing to show it off.
€21.50 €43.00
This gold-plated silver pendant is the perfect match for the magical shine of the 6mm round Tahiti pearls that decorate the cross.
€70.00 €140.00
Flattering gold hoop earrings enrobed in multicoloured agates with a gold-plated silver push fastening. 
€143.50 €287.00
€91.00 €182.00
€24.00 €48.00
€24.00 €48.00
€24.00 €48.00
€54.50 €109.00
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Classic meets TodayClassic meets Today

€231.00 €462.00
€176.50 €353.00

The Majorica sale is now on! Up to 50% off!

Explore the fascinating world of pearl jewellery all year round with our exciting winter and summer sales. Discover elegant earrings and necklaces, as well as timeless bracelets at tempting prices, ready to give your winter looks a touch of timeless finesse. The Summer Sale brings the lightness of the hotter months to our collection. From fun pearl bracelets to pearl rings, here you will find the perfect accessory for your summer style, with irresistible offers. Whether you prefer winter sparkles or summer style, our seasonal offers provide you with the opportunity to experience the timeless beauty of pearl jewellery.

Why choose pearl jewellery?

Pearl jewellery is a timeless choice based on their incomparable elegance and symbolism. The natural beauty of pearls, their slightly shiny exterior and unique character is what makes them a fascinating accessory. They are valued not only for their attractiveness, but also as a symbol of femininity, love and purity. The versatile nature of pearls means they can be used in different forms and styles, such as necklaces, elegant hoops or stylish bracelets, adding a subtle splash of sophistication to any occasion. Pearls create a connection with tradition, heritage and the timeless elegance that accompanies whoever wears them over the centuries.

Why Majorica?

Majorica offers a wide range of jewellery including necklaces, hoops, bracelets and rings, all decorated with unique pearls. The designs range from classic and timeless to modern, adapting to suit different tastes.

What are offers are included in our sales?

During the peak of our sales season, you can get free shipping on orders over €60, a 10-year guarantee on our pearls and a 3-year guarantee on jewels. Explore our collections. We're sure you'll find something for you. Take advantage of our offers and allow yourself to be surprised.

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Especially our catalogue of ideas for gifts and special occasions such as communions, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and much, much more.