Carla Paucar

In honor of Pearl Month, we’re thrilled to welcome Carla Paucar, a revered stylist known for crafting outstanding outfits for stars like Naty Peluso and C. Tangana. 

Carla shares her top strategies for enhancing your style with pearls, transforming this timeless accessory into a modern fashion statement. Pearls, once deemed traditional, are now celebrated for their versatility in adding a distinctive touch to any outfit. Celebrities across all style spectra are now choosing pearls to bring their red carpet looks to a new level. Carla, a passionate pearl aficionado, is here to offer insightful tips on how you can rejuvenate this classic accessory.

Reimagining Pearl Jewelry: Upgrade Your Outfit Game

Accessories can be the game-changer when aiming to amplify the style quotient of any outfit. They also serve as unique tools for personal expression. It’s essential to think outside the box when using them. An innovative way to do so is transforming a long pearl necklace into a belt that, when stylishly worn around the waist, can seamlessly transition your office ensemble into a glamorous outfit for an evening event.

long pearl necklace

Moreover, pearls can be explored in other accessories too, such as bracelets or hair ornaments. These creative uses can bring forth unique, attention-grabbing looks. After all, the role of accessories extends beyond simply completing an outfit – they’re a reflection of the wearer’s personality and creativity. 

Pearls, with their inherent radiance and elegance, present a plethora of opportunities for those unafraid to experiment with their fashion choices.

Finding the Right Balance: Mastering the Art of Accessorizing 

Just like an artist uses a canvas, your body serves as a backdrop for accessorizing. Carla Paucar advocates for turning accessories into the focal point of your look, consciously determining which body area will draw attention. For instance, when opting for a statement pearl necklace, it’s best to keep your earrings subtle and understated. Alternatively, if you’re spotlighting your ears with pearl hoop earrings, consider choosing a more demure necklace.

pearl hoop earrings

Beyond this, remember that pearls, despite their classic elegance association, can be integrated into trendier or more casual styles. Pearl earrings can add an unexpected sophistication to a laid-back outfit, while a pearl choker can bring an element of refinement to a minimalistic dress. This makes pearls a highly adaptable accessory, perfect for a wide range of occasions and styles, consistently bringing a unique touch of elegance.

Embracing Simplicity: Perfecting Your Accessory Game

Paucar emphasizes staying faithful to chosen materials and maintaining a harmonious balance within your ensemble. For example, gold or gold-toned jewelry might be your go-to choice for one outfit. In a similar fashion, you could prefer silver for all the pieces within another look. 

Pearls are an excellent ally to gold, harmonizing perfectly and bringing a chic aesthetic to your attire.

Tailoring Accessories to Amplify Your Personal Style

Accessories are crucial elements in enhancing any outfit. To take your style to the next level, it’s vital to tailor them to your personal aesthetic. For casual styles, delicate pieces paired with a splash of color are a perfect choice. A feminine or preppy look can be elevated with a hoop earring or a unique hand accessory. For those who gravitate towards a more sophisticated or ladylike style, subtle accessories that enhance without overpowering are key.

Remember that pearls, with their versatile nature, are an excellent addition to any style. Whether incorporated into a chic necklace for a formal look or a casual pearl bracelet, pearls offer endless opportunities for self-expression

The secret is to allow your accessories to mirror your personality and style, granting you the liberty to experiment and have fun with them.

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