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Pearl Necklaces are For Everyone

Newsflash. Vintage is trending, and pearls are back in. And the best news? There are no rules.

With the androgynous style at an all-time high in popularity, fashion trends are no longer limited to specific genders. Modern society celebrates looking how you want to look, no matter what the gender connotations may be.

One of the most popular accessories trends taking men’s fashion by storm is the comeback of the pearl, worn on pearl rings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and pearl earrings by men worldwide.

Casual outfits are being elevated into trending fashion statements on catwalks and sidewalks alike, with the addition of pearl accessories, with the pearl necklace commonly featuring as the most famous piece of jewellery on display.

The way that men all over the world have been embracing wearing pearl jewellery has proven that strict gendered fashion is a thing of the past, breaking down binaries and giving men and women alike the freedom within fashion that we all deserve.

Men’s fashion has been limited for too long, with catwalk looks generally stuck within the business attire style, leaving little room for imagination or authenticity.

The new androgynous style that has gained such rampant popularity in the past year or so (generally due to figurehead fashion characters like Harry styles), is renovating the scene and coaxing more and more male celebrities into the fashion limelight, with bold and classic statements – most of which include pearl accessories.

Gone are the days of settling for boring style; it’s time for men to shine, with a classic Majorica pearl necklace or pendant.

Why Men Shouldn’t be Afraid to Wear a Pearl Necklace

It’s toxic masculinity which is predominantly responsible for convincing men to be afraid of making fashion statements that could be seen as feminine, but times genuinely are changing. Toxic masculinity is increasingly being called out for its restrictive rules, regulations and assumptions, with gender fluidity and freedom being celebrated.

This makes it much easier for men who would have previously been scared to make a fashion statement that goes against the strict expectations put on their gender to step into the limelight and dress authentically. This is the age of being true to yourself, and the best way to express your inner truth is via the clothes and accessories we wear.

colgante perlas hombre

All it takes is a couple of paparazzi pictures of Harry Styles walking the streets of London in an eye-catching outfit (typically including a bright pair of flares, with a pearl necklace swinging from his neck) for the world and the media to be more accepting of what would previously have been seen as an unconventional style.

If there’s any time to experiment with a new style – it’s today.

Who’s Wearing pearl Necklaces?

We’re in the era of the influencer. This means that many of our style decisions are influenced by the style of others, and in a world teeming with media outlets, we generally turn to celebrities for style advice and guidance.

When the classic pearl made its first appearance in men’s fashion, the celebrities who are notoriously known for pushing style boundaries and exploring high fashion were the first to rock the look.

So which celebrities have been showing off their pearl accessories this year?

Pharrell Williams

In 2016, Pharrell Williams stepped out on the catwalk, modelling a long string of pearls for a Chanel fashion show. Since this pearl debut, he has been spotted sporting the accessory repeatedly, with his unique Pharrell twist.

Harry Styles

Since his somewhat questionable style choices when he began his music career in 2010, Harry Styles has cemented himself as the king of Kitschy Queer style, regularly donning bright, feminine styles plucked straight from the 70s.

With his huge fanbase, it is safe to say that he is likely the most influential celebrity in the male pearl movement, especially after his iconic pearl earring at the Met Gala in 2019, which completely transformed his outfit in the eyes of critics and fans alike.

Machine Gun Kelly

The media has gone mad at Machine Gun Kelly’s look, contrasting his heavy music with a classy, feminine fashion sense, elevated by the pearl necklace he regularly wears.

It’s a classic example of how powerful the pearl can be in men’s fashion.

Shawn Mendes

Another hugely influential male celebrity who took his time finding the look that suited him the most is Shawn Mendes.

But he decided to veer more towards the feminine, which placed Mendes on the trend radar, and his choice to regularly wear a pearl necklace has helped to define and popularise his new look.

The Different Styles of Men’s Pearl Pendants

The Baroque Pearl Necklace

The Baroque pearl Necklace is different to any other type of necklace due to the shape of the pearls.

Instead of stringing regular round pearls along a chain, the Baroque necklace features pearls with an irregular shape, and occasionally pearls of a different size.

This gives the overall look of the jewellery piece a unique feel and is perfectly paired with a structured blazer or shirt.

You can shop for a Baroque-style necklace at Majorica with the Polaris necklace.

Baroque pearl necklace

The Pearl Choker Necklace

The pearl choker is a favourite with celebrities, regularly spotted on ASAP Rocky and Bad Bunny. It is worn higher up on the neck than other pearl necklaces and lends a more gothic look. Pearl chokers are also perfect for stacking jewellery and look great paired with a longer chain or two.

For a different take on the pearl choker, give the Majorica Ballet Necklace a try.

pearl choker necklace

The Pearl Pendant

If you want a more understated approach to the pearl trend, why not try a pearl pendant? The pendant only features one pearl, hanging off a mid to long chain. It’s an excellent option for easing your way into the style if you’re not 100% sold on pearls, as you don’t have to wear too many pearls at once.

Get creative with some pieces from our last collections: pearl pendant Peregrina and cross pendant with pearls.

pearl pendant men

The Long Pearl Necklace

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Pharrell Williams, perhaps the long pearl necklace is the statement jewellery piece for you. This particular look is perfect when paired with a buttoned-down shirt, an open chest, and maybe a couple of shorter pearl necklaces.

We highly recommend our Jour pearl necklace.

The Mid-Length/Matinee Pearl Necklace

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple, and you can do this with a mid-length pearl necklace, otherwise known as ‘Matinee-length’. The Matinee necklace is a complete classic and dresses up any outfit with simplicity and poise. It can be accessorised with a couple of silver charms and pendants, but if you don’t want to push the style too far towards the feminine side, keep it stripped back with the classic look.

Majorica has a range of classic pearl necklaces, but the Silver Lyra Necklace is our favourite.

pearl necklace men

Shop the Majorica Range

Whilst men’s pearls are currently trending, it’s important to remember that pearls are much more than a trend. They are timeless and the perfect addition to any piece of jewellery, whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.

Pearls are the heart of Majorica, and our organic handmade pearls make the ideal men’s accessory as a gift to yourself or a loved one. With a 10-year warranty on each piece of jewellery, you can rest assured that with Majorica, you are buying a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

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