The Majorica Guarante

Majorica jewels are covered by a 3 years guarantee and Majorica pearls by a 10 years guarantee, both from the date of its purchase. The international guarantee does not cover damage from accidents, misuse or abuse, unauthorized alteration and the consequences of the normal wear of the jewel.

The guarantee card must be sent along with the jewel to the Authorized Distributors where the jewel waas purchased or to our After Sales Service.

MAJORICA will carry out rethreading, clasp replacement or any other repairs not covered by the guarantee, at the fairest price. For further info please contact [email protected].

Refuse imitations

Taking advantage of the exceptional international reputation of Majorica (pronounced "Mah-jo-ri-ka") and of the phonetic similarity with the name of the island, Mallorca, where the Majorica factory is located, there are many imitators who market pearls and jewellery which is far inferior in quality and low priced, under names such as Majorca, Majorque and Mallorca.

Our worldwide trademark takes ongoing legal action against these imitators, in order to prevent fraud.

If you wish to be absolutely sure of the value and authenticity of your purchase, when buying a Majorica jewel, make sure that:

  • The jewel is given to you in its distinctive Majorica case.
  • The jewel bears the individually numbered quality control label.
  • The Official Agent gives you the Majorica International Guarantee Certificate.

Only then can you be absolutely sure that you have acquired a MAJORICA jewel.

The Majorica pearl, a style with its own name

The pearl is a gem of unmistakable elegance and delicacy, and for this reason it has been one of the most sought-after jewels, desired by women all over the world.

It all started

More than 4,000 years ago in the Old Persian Empire where pearls were already valued and used as a symbol of distinction and elegance.

Over time, pearls have not lost their magical power of attraction. The power of the natural pearl has led many to try to reproduce it. The perfect qualities of the pearl have been the subject of research by alchemists from all over the world who have unsuccessfully attempted to obtain a pearl of the same characteristics as nature’s masterpiece. And this is where Majorica comes in.

Majorica has made it possible for many women to wear an exclusive and desired jewel, previously reserved for only the most powerful and privileged.

After 125 years of history, Majorica pearls continue to be chosen by women around the world.

In fashion

With the creation of the Majorica pearl, the first Majorica jewel was also born.

Following the most current fashion trends, though always with a style of its own, Majorica offers an extensive catalogue of pieces where high technology coupled with quality craftsmanship give shape to beautiful jewellery.

All Majorica products are easily identifiable for their beauty, perfection, elegance and quality-values ​​that define pearls and jewellery.

A unique pearl

There have been many who have tried to imitate Majorica pearls without success. Today the brand is internationally recognised as an inimitable manufacturer of jewellery.

Boasting perfect colour, orient (iridescent effect due to overlapping nacreous plates), iridescence, lustre and texture  external forces, Majorica pearls, created entirely by the hand of man, have been able to match the attributes that define the perfection of natural pearls.

The creation of an incomparable pearl

At Majorica, the creation of pearls reaches an superlative level. It is meticulous and very calculated work which Majorica imprints with its own personal hallmark— perfection. Two other very important factors come into play: Long years of research and hours of elaborate craftsmanship. Together they have built and created Majorica's reputation.

The creation of the Majorica pearl follows a rigorous and perfectly controlled process that begins with the preparation of the inner core by expert hands. This nucleus is then covered with fine layers comprising pearl essence (an extract of nacre obtained from organic elements from the Mediterranean Sea). Finally, our pearls are treated to protect them from external irritants and to provide them with a quality and life superior to any other.

Each pearl is examined and controlled to meet the quality requirements of the brand, ensuring its perfection and beauty.

After this process of creation and quality control, the pearls become part of a beautiful and exclusive Majorica piece of jewellery.

As a result, Majorica jewellery has been granted an International Guarantee Certificate.

Pearl Features:

Iridescence: emanates from different refractions and diffractions of light that are formed in the multiple layers of translucent nacre that form the pearl and create the colours of the rainbow.

Orient: effect resulting from the glow of light on the various layers. This type of glow is produced in natural substances from the marine world. The deeper the orient the greater the value of the pearl.

Lustre: the special nuanced brightness characteristic of these gems, consisting of the intensity and brilliance of the light reflected on their surface. It is the quality that gives life to the pearl. Only nacreous pearls show varying degrees of lustre that is intense and uniform.

Texture: a determining characteristic—the homogeneity and exact sphericity of its surface determine the quality and value of the pearl. Any visible imperfection devalues ​​it.

Colour: although nature is able to create a wide range of hues due to the different pigments of natural elements, the most appreciated and known tones are pink and white. Today there are other colours, such as black, champagne or gray, etc.

The value of a pearl is determined by the degree of iridescence, orient, lustre, texture and colour. The Majorica pearl meets all these qualities.

Unlike natural pearls, which are excessively delicate for daily use, Majorica pearls are resistant to potentially harmful natural elements such as the sun, sweat and sea water. The attributes of the Majorica pearl remain unchanged and have a much longer life than any other type of pearl.

Majorica designs

Majorica designers are constantly visiting the most important fashion and jewellery industry shows and events around the world and keenly follow new trends.

A team of expert jewellery artisans create prototypes from the drawings of our designers, to create each new piece of jewellery. The designs range from the classics to the latest fashion trends, so that a Majorica piece of jewellery can be worn as a daily accessory or for a social event.

Collections are updated periodically with designs that combine fashion and elegance, for all occasions.

The magic of Majorica is the result of centuries-old savoir faire and the talent of artisans and young designers capable of creating unique and desirable pieces with the Majorica organic pearl as their centerpiece. The jewels are made of materials of the highest quality such as 925 sterling silver and 18-karat gold, and the pearls are hand knotted using double thread. Our creations reflect the pure essence of luxury—pearls couched in sensual, feminine and unique shapes and colours. Creations and pieces that adapt perfectly to each situation and create "Majorica moments".

To create our jewellery, our designers take inspiration from the different natural pearl shapes, such as:

Round: these are generally symmetrical and of greater value, perfect for any design.

Baroque: these are pearls of irregular shape and due to their particularity they create remarkable jewellerys.

Mabé: these are hemispherical, so that they integrate perfectly with the noble materials used in jewellery.

Pear: these have a symmetrical axis so they are oval or drop-shaped, giving designs with a touch of femininity.

Care of Pearls

MAJORICA pearls should be treated with the same love and care as natural pearls. To do this, simply follow some simple rules that will protect and maintain them in good condition over the years: We recommend you take your MAJORICA necklaces and bracelets to an Official Agency every eight years in order to change the silver bead and the thread, preferably with a knot between each pearl, to avoid tearing, breaking and losing the pearls.

Never clean pearls or jewellery with chemicals or abrasives. If you notice that the beads are dirty from use, simply wash them with warm water and neutral soap, spreading them out on a flat surface for at least 48 hours so that the thread can dry out properly. Wash jewels too with warm water and neutral soap, drying them immediately with a soft cloth.

Pearls deserve special care to preserve them when not in use. It is advisable to keep them in their case, separate from other jewellery or other metallic objects. That is why all MAJORICA jewellery is supplied in cases which provide proper protection during travel.

With these simple rules, we assure you that your MAJORICA jewellery will stay beautiful forever.