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The new choker from the Symi collection is exactly what you need. Thanks to its adjustable 11cm diameter, it will fit around your neck perfectly.

The Symi jewellery collection evokes the beauty and elegance of the Greek island that gave it its name. The exclusive piece of jewellery is a real piece of art, designed to reflect the light of the very island that it is named after. It is replete with beautiful mythological heritage, in a sense representing the story of the three Graces.

This gold-plated choker was born to be the protagonist of this collection. This beautiful piece, which features a beautiful oval white pearl in the centre, will embellish your neck as if it were a perfect painting full of light. The pearl, which symbolises purity and perfection brings the perfect amount of elegance and glamour to this design. 

There are two carefully crafted flowers on each side of the main pearl, each with round pearls in their centre. These flowers remind us of the offerings that were made to the three Graces on the Isle of Symi. By incorporating them into this piece of jewellery, we are essentially paying tribute to their beauty and inspirational power.

The Symi Collection is the perfect example of the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterizes every Majorica piece. Every single element has been crafted with great care and precision, from the gold plating, to the choice of the pearls. All of these elements create a unique and special piece of jewellery that will transport you to a place of inspiration and grace, where beauty and creativity are in perfect harmony.