A filigree piece delicately crafted in silver with an aged finish, it features a beautiful white baroque pearl that sparkles.
An audacious piece with a lot of personality that reflects your love for tradition.
The aged filigree gives shape to two large silver flowers with a radiant organic round 10mm pearl at the centre. A true declaration of personality. 
Inspired by medieval times, the aged filigree provides a mysterious and attractive touch.

Peregrina pays tribute to one of the most legendary, valuable and powerful gems in European history. 

The collection is inspired by this much-coveted pearl, considered the most famous in the world, whose history dates back 500 years. Appreciated for its size, perfect shape and impressive background, our Peregrina collection pays homage through a limited number of pieces combining round, white pearls with the most exquisite filigree silver with an aged finished.

About its history

The Peregrina pearl first emerged from the waters of Panama in 1515 and immediately became the treasure most coveted by Spanish royalty.

The 55.95 carat, pear-shaped gem was delivered by Don Pedro Témez, administrator of Panama for the Spanish Crown, to King Philip II, who would later give it as a gift to his bride, Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, catholic Queen consort of Spain, England and Ireland.

Upon the death of Philip II, Mary Tudor left the pearl to the Spanish crown, and it would go on to become the favourite piece of successive queens.

Centuries later, it is said that José Bonaparte appropriated various important jewels from the Spanish crown when fleeing Spain - the Peregrina pearl being one of them. It would be José Bonaparte who would give it to his nephew, the future Emperor Napoleon III, who in his later exile in England, would be forced to sell it to the Marquess of Abercorn, James Hamilton, who then gave it to his wife as a gift.

The Peregrina pearl would stay in the possession of the Hamilton family until 1969, when it was auctioned by Sotheby’s and bought by Richard Burton for Liz Taylor. In December 2011, following Liz Taylor’s death, the Peregrina was sold again as part of a jewellery auction organised by Christie’s. An unknown buyer bid a record 11.8 million dollars to purchase the jewel.

The true identity of its current owner continues to be a mystery.