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The Estela multicolour pearl bracelet that will win over even the most discerning urbanites.
Get ready to spread elegance and have all eyes on you with the incredible Estela necklace! This short necklace is made with round pearls and plays on visuals with different 8/12mm pearls. It creates a chromatic palette packed with style, with its shades of white, grey and nuage.
Looking for a comfortable yet attractive pearl necklace? Then the multicolour pearl necklace from the Estela collection is just what you're looking for! Its 36cm length makes it the perfect option, and it also comes with an extender.

A reinvented collection

Thanks to the Estela collection, discover how a supposedly classic piece, such as those made with pearls, can be reinvented and transformed into something so contemporary

The Estela collection features two short necklaces and a bracelet with the same design. You’ll see that each piece has been created with organic round pearls and an exquisite colour range: white, grey and nuage. 

Each necklace, available in 36cm and 46cm, offers a fun combination of sizes of organic pearls in different colours, which makes them very versatile accessories. From classic white to subtle grey in captivating shades, these pearls turn heads and give your neck plenty of personality. Estela necklaces are elegantly finished in silver, which adds an urban and timeless touch to the collection.

With the same combined pearl design, you’ll also find a pretty bracelet in silver, perfect for matching with one of the necklaces from the same collection. And, if you’d prefer, you can make it the star of the show in your jewellery box. 

The Estela collection is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for a very stylish piece, maintaining the quality that defines Majorica. The right choice!