Jewelry full of style

It's time to open up to the freshness and elegance of our new collection, inspired by the south of Spain and its famous carnations! 

The Clavelina collection is like a VIP pass to a stylish garden where carnations are in full bloom. However, they share centre stage with Majorica's round white pearls. The result? A magical blend that will make you feel like you are carrying a little piece of spring with you all year round.  

The freshness of the carnation petal shapes fuse with the relaxed and intrinsic elegance of pearl jewellery, offering that trendy touch that everyone will want to emulate. Just imagine these pieces as the floral touch your look needs. Carnations with attitude in modern shapes, combined with round white pearls that scream effortless style. It's like taking spring with you wherever you go, but with a much cooler touch. 

Each piece in the Clavelina collection is unique, so if you want to be at the cutting edge of fashion, make sure to add your favourites to your cart now.