These earrings are a truly elegant and timeless choice. With their brilliant, red artisan glass, their colour will give your face the sensual and sophisticated look that you are seeking.
The Capri choker is capable of enhancing any look. The gold-plated tin thread has two red 23mm Murano glass balls at the ends, which give this piece a fun and bold appearance.
The Capri ring wraps around your finger in a wavy fashion almost like a vine. A sensual, sophisticated piece full of femininity, with a 24k, 2 micron gold-plated tin base and red Murano glass balls. Try combining it with bracelets from the same collection
The Capri ring is ideal for those looking for a charming piece that is both comfortable and adjustable.
This enveloping bracelet with red Murano glass is designed to give off a fun and youthful feel.
This bracelet from the Capri collection will take up a privileged place in your collection.
The combination of the traditional, round, cloud-coloured organic pearls and the red Murano glass balls make these earrings perfect for anyone looking for a modern yet elegant look.

Bougainvillea and cherry trees in bloom. Walking along the rugged and inviting island of Capri is a gift for the senses. Majorica recreates the island through this collection of accessories with an abundance of glass and organic pearl cherries.

The island of the sirens, as it has been known for centuries, has mysterious blue caves which contrast with the most enchanting areas of flowers and the fruit trees in patios and gardens.

The artisanal Capri collection, with a limited number of pieces, has red cherries in seven accessories: a crossed bracelet, a simple bracelet and a choker, all made with 18 carat gold-plated brass. The two rings and two earrings combine blown glass and organic pearls with sterling silver and 2 micron 24k gold plating.