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Imagine yourself wearing a piece of jewellery that makes you feel powerful and sophisticated at the same time.
Whether you are looking for a piece of jewellery to wear every day or on special occasions, the adjustable bracelet from the Bamboo jewellery capsule collection is the perfect choice.
Look out, fashionista and jewellery lover! If you are looking to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your looks, we have the perfect piece of jewellery for you! Say hello to the spectacular hoop-shaped earrings from our Bamboo capsule collection!
A tropical vibe in your everyday looks? We present the most exclusive pendant in the Bamboo collection.

The Bamboo capsule represents the exotic jungle, the high trees with intertwined branches that form a spectacular canopy. With its golden finish, in Bamboo we find the brightness reflected by rays of sunlight, a small work of art taken from Mother Nature.

Majorica brings this light from golden and dreamlike bamboo into our everyday lives with a capsule collection designed based on the image and resemblance of wild nature. The timeless beauty of the Majorica champagne-coloured pearls finishes off each design: an adjustable choker that hugs the neck, an open bracelet with pearls crowning the ends, hoop earrings finished with small champagne-coloured pearls and a C-shaped pendant that can be combined with both short and long pearl necklaces. 

The structure of each piece of jewellery is carefully studied to simulate the natural shape of bamboo, with its gold finish that reflects the light and a selection of organic pearls in various sizes that embellish each piece.