4mm white round pearl bracelet inspired by classical ballet.
El accesorio que nunca pasa de moda.
Gold-plated silver with 4mm white pearls
Gold-plated silver 8mm white pearls
Gold-plated silver with 6mm white pearls
Plata dorada con perlas blancas 4mm

We have re-envisioned the magic and elegance of classical ballet in our collection of timeless classics. Taking both its name and inspiration from this art form, the Ballet collection is sure to win over even the most ardent of admirers.

In a single universe, the Majorica brand creates pieces that not only embody the pure essence of organic pearls, but also bring together geometry, minimalism and modern designs.

An elegant collection that will never go out of fashion. Like a chameleon blending seamlessly into its surroundings, these pieces go with just about anything.  These are not only timeless pieces, but they are the perfect staple in your jewellery box. A piece of jewellery from this collection will always be the right choice, no matter what the occasion is.

Ballet has just the right amount of personality to make it a perfect unisex option and it also manages to break down cross-generational barriers. Perhaps you’ll be the one who buys it, but that won’t stop your grandfather, brother, sister or mother from enjoying it too!