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The hoop earrings in the Ada collection are adorned with 4mm organic mini pearls, the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.
The medium hoop earrings in the Ada collection are the perfect size if you're on the hunt from pearl earrings that are neither too big nor too small. 
These hoop earrings challenge conventional rules, as they’re studded with 3mm organic mini pearls, adding an irresistible sweet touch.

The pearl hoop earrings more versatiles

When it comes to highlighting your magical personality, the items in the Ada collection are your number one allies. These silver hoop earrings with delicate round mini pearls are the perfect combination of the classic round pearl and the great visuals of the design. Why go for something that's been seen before when you can stand out with a genuine, revolutionary piece of jewellery?

 The team of designers and craftspeople behind the Ada collection have challenged all conventions, fusing classic Majorica beauty with a state-of-the-art style. These small round pearls grab attention, and all eyes will be on you thanks to their unbeatable charm. Versatile, elegant and eye-catching. They’ve got it all!

 Choose between the different sizes available to find the pair of silver Ada hoops that adapt to your vibrant personality. Each item is meticulously designed to take your style to a new level. There are no limits to what you can achieve when you carry the strong spirit of the Ada collection with you.

 So, let these small round pearls take you to a world where sophistication and magic exist in perfect harmony. It’s time to shine like never before!