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Male beauty standards are constantly changing, and for years Western society has dictated that accessories should be worn just by women.

This is reflected in the fashion on the high street – where jewellery has typically only been available in womenswear stores and marketed towards the female gender accordingly. But men’s pearl necklace is everywhere these days. 

This demonstrates the transient nature of fashion, as a quick look back in history shows that in the past, men wore a wide range of jewellery for symbolic and purely decorative reasons.

For example, kings often had precious gems sewn into their clothes or wore pearls and other jewels to portray their wealth, whilst the Renaissance witnessed a fashion trend for male earrings. Men’s jewellery can even be traced back to the Stone Age, when they wore designs sourced and crafted from natural materials, such as necklaces containing animal teeth.

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Men’s Pearls and Fashion

Indeed – history has proved that accessories are genderless and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Luckily, this is beginning to be realised, and increasing numbers of men are rebelling against society’s expectations and gender stereotypes by experimenting with different looks and expressing themselves through jewellery and fashion.

To celebrate, we’re dedicating this blog to the classic pearl necklace, exploring its growing popularity amongst men and its resurgence in the fashion world. We’ll be looking at some frequently asked questions about pearl necklaces for men – exploring the reasons for their revival and how to style them.

Are Pearls a Trend for Men?

Pearls are becoming increasingly prevalent in the male fashion world.

This can be attributed to the efforts of people such as the former band member of One Direction, Harry Styles, who resurrected the accessory by wearing an iconic pearl necklace for his album’s press tour a few years ago, and a single pearl earring when attending the famous Met Gala in 2019.

Styles is renowned for his flamboyant fashion sense, which challenges gender stereotypes and is an inspiring figure for men and women who want to experiment with how they visually express themselves. He is also a great example of how pearls can look good on men and act as critical details to the final outfit.

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Is it OK to Wear a Pearl Necklace?

Pearl necklaces are one of the most classic jewellery types out there – and have been worn for centuries by a wide demographic of people. From royals through to ordinary men and women, freshwater pearls and imitations have featured in rings, cufflinks, bracelet forms and earrings.

Though they are most commonly associated with women’s fashion – it’s absolutely okay for men to wear them too, and they can actually complement masculine garments. It can be incredibly freeing to wear items outside of your comfort zone, and once you accept that jewellery is genderless you may find your wardrobe expands significantly, allowing you to be more creative in how you dress.

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Can I Wear my Pearl Necklace Every Day?

Pearl necklaces suit nearly every occasion and can be worn every day if desired.

The understated look of them is timeless and adds elegance to any outfit. From more formal suits or party clothes to jeans and a t-shirt, a pearl necklace can dress up a casual outfit or add a kitsch, fun twist depending on how you choose to style it. It could, for example, be paired with matching pearl cufflinks, layered up alongside another necklace and chain, or layered over a loud shirt for a more daring aesthetic.

How to Shop Men’s Pearl Jewelry for Men

If you feel inspired to buy a pearl necklace – then take this as your sign to begin your search for your dream piece!

Before committing to a purchase, however, it’s worth considering the type of one you want. There are many different designs out there, each with its own detailing, craftsmanship and finish. From chunky necklaces through to finer, more detailed pieces – it’s useful to consider what sort of look you want to pursue and how it will fit in with your pre-existing wardrobe.

They also come in at different prices depending on the brand or business. If you’re not sure where to start, the choice can be narrowed down by outlining a budget and beginning the process of elimination from there. Think about whether you want something cheaper, or if you would prefer to invest in a piece that will last you for years to come.

Shop Men’s Pearl Jewelry at Majorica

We stock a wide range of pearl jewerly suitable for men and women alike. Fashion and styling should be enjoyed by everyone, and we pride ourselves on creating modern designs with pearls that radiate tradition and history.

For men who are wanting to emulate the bold look of Harry Styles’s iconic look, we recommend one of our classic pearl necklaces, which although look simple, are a timeless piece that will be in fashion for years to come. This includes our White Pearls Lyra Necklace – or if you prefer additional gold and silver detail, our Golden Silver Lyra Necklace.

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However, if you are drawn to more masculine or androgynous accessories that are not as delicate as some of our more classic pieces, then we suggest our Why Not? Steel Necklace. Transgressive and avant-garde – this collection toughens up a final aesthetic and provides a nice contrast when worn with smarter shirts or jackets.

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Other contemporary pieces include Necklace Cerdeña – a simple but chic necklace that features a single imitation pearl that is hung stylishly from black leather.

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Browse The Collection

We have years of experience designing and creating products that highlight and emulate the beauty of pearls.

Shopping for pearls should be a fun activity and we strive to provide the best experience. We have created countless pearl pieces since being established over 100 years ago, and regularly update our website with new, innovative designs.

Whether you’re looking for a pearl bracelet, pearl ring, long necklace or a simple strand pearl necklace – we can help! To browse the collection, please click here.

FAQs: Pearl Necklace for Men

It’s not a new concept for guys to wear pearls. For centuries, Indian Maharajas and British and European kings have worn pearl necklaces. A pearl is a sign of power that endures timelessly elegant while also being fun.

Are pearl necklaces for guys?

Pearls are surprisingly adaptable as men’s jewelry goes. Royals and regular people alike have been wearing pearls for centuries in the form of rings, cufflinks, bracelets, and earrings.

Even though they are most commonly seen in women’s fashion, men can totally wear them too! They might even make your masculine clothing look better.

What do pearls symbolize for men?

Pearls, being one-of-a-kind gems that aren’t cheap, make a great method for a guy to make a fashion statement. Men used to wear pearls as a sign of richness, power, aristocracy, and good looks in the past.

Nowadays, pearls are no longer just for women. In fact, many famous men have been wearing pearls in all sorts of jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. Celebrities such as rappers, baseball players, musicians and actors have all jumped on the pearl bandwagon in the past year, and many believe that this trend is here to stay.

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