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Unconditional, pure and unwavering – there’s no love quite as strong as a Mother’s love.

They are the person that brought us into the world, and one of the most important people that are there for us in both the good times and the bad. They know us better than anyone else, and have seen us grow from children into the adults that we are today!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Majorica Pearls

However, while we know how much they mean to us, it’s easy to take them for granted.

That’s why Mother’s Day is such a fantastic celebration, as it allows us to express how much our Mums mean to us, whether that’s through a letter, flowers card or gift. Although a thoughtful gift isn’t necessarily essential, it is a very nice gesture and shows that you’re thinking about them on this special occasion.

At Majorica, we believe that jewellery is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and have put together a short blog exploring some of our pearl collection for anyone who might need a little inspiration when shopping this March. These are great ideas for Mum’s who like to accessorise and want to add a new piece of jewellery to their collection.

From pearl earrings through to carefully crafted pearl pendants and beyond – we have something to suit nearly every Mother’s taste. It’s a gift they will remember forever, and a lovely way to express how happy you are that they are your Mum.

Pearl Necklaces – A Gift to Last a Lifetime

pearl necklace

Gifting a necklace to someone special is a fantastic way to express your love.

They are sentimental presents, which when chosen well, are worn regularly by the recipient well into the future. As they are decorative, they will be reminded of the time they got it and the thought that went into it every time they catch sight of it. They also make wonderful gifts to pass down as inheritance, imbuing the jewellery with history and sentimental value as the years pass.

A pearl necklace or pearl pendant necklace are loved by Mother’s from all over the world. For Mum’s who love contemporary style jewellery with a modern edge, our pendant Valentina is a great choice and a unique spin on the pendant design.

pendant valentina

However, for Mother’s who prefer more classic accessories, our Pendant Auva is a great gift idea. Featuring a meticulously crafted imitation pearl set below a sparkling crystal, this necklace adds an immediate touch of glamour and simple elegance to any look, including dresses and suits through to t-shirts, jumpers and pair of jeans.

pendant auva

Other gift options can be found from outside our dedicated Mother’s Day Collection – such as the timeless Ballet Pearl necklace, which shows our imitation pearls off in all their glory. Though simple, it’s a very stylish accessory that won’t date due to its classic design. Indeed – unlike many examples of contemporary accessories, pearl jewellery is renowned for its chic and elegant look – maintaining its popularity throughout history to the present day.

pearl necklace ballet

Pearl Bracelets – An Everyday Accessory

We understand that jewellery preference differs from person to person. While some people like necklaces, others prefer rings or bracelets for practical or personal reasons. A pearl bracelet is a stunning way to celebrate Mother’s Day – and ideal for Mum’s who don’t wear pendants, or want something they can wear everyday.

Our Bracelet Aura looks pretty worn over jumper cuffs and bare wrists, and is a contemporary yet classically stylish addition to all jewellery boxes.

Small gold plated bracelet Aura with white pearl

For Mother’s who prefer daintier options, our Bracelet Juliette is a suitable option. This is a silver-gold played bracelet featuring two beautiful imitation pearls set apart by chain and design detail.

pearl bracelet juliette

We also offers options that are not bangle-style or designed with chains. For example, our Adjustable black stretch Serena bracelet with pearl is a unisex bracelet with a sphere shaped, central pearl that can be worn anytime thanks to the comfort of its materials. It’s understated design means that it looks great worn alone, or layered alongside other jewellery.

Adjustable black stretch Serena bracelet with pearl

Pearl Rings – Commemorating Special Memories

A ring is the ultimate symbol of love.

It has status in history as being one of the most romantic and thoughtful gifts, and the tradition burns brightly today. From engagement and wedding rings, through to friendship and eternity rings – giving this type of jewellery is no longer restricted to a romantic partner, but anyone who is special to you.

This makes them a fantastic gesture to celebrate Mother’s Day with. Rings are something that are worn daytime and night – making them a standard accessory for both day-to-day and special events.

They are rarely taken off – which adds to their sentimental value and is something that a Mum can enjoy everyday. The design of a ring also makes them an inherently practical design to show off the detailing or stones encased within. This is great for our collection, as it complements the iridescent pearls that our designs are both inspired and based around.

We have lots of pearl rings suitable for Mother’s day, including our White Pearl Ring Auva – a stunning accessory that can be worn alone, or alongside the aforementioned Pendant Auva as part of a matching set.

pearl ring auva

Mother’s Day Pearls – Designed by Majorica

Our carefully crafted pearls are a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day and are the perfect gift for Mothers, Moms and Mums all across the globe.

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously made – our jewellery collection radiate tradition, history and experience all while boasting modern design and functionality. From pearl rings and pendants that sparkle when they catch the light, through to more classic pearl studs, bracelets and more – we have years of experience creating a range of elegant yet modern accessories that suit nearly all styles, tastes and budgets.

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Be inspired by our pearl jewellery this Mother’s Day and browse our full range of jewellery – or check out our curated collection of ideas and suggestions here.

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