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Getting married is the ultimate act of commitment and devotion that deserves to be celebrated. Every year that passes shared with your significant other is special – and long periods of time spent together should be commemorated and remembered!

While a dinner date with flowers, wine and a bottle of champagne are nice enough ways to express your affection and toast a relationship – milestone anniversaries deserve something a little more special.

Pearl jewellery is a fabulous and fun way to show your husband, wife and loved ones how much you care. They are a gift which they won’t forget, and are particularly fitting to acknowledge a pearl wedding anniversary which marks three decades spent together.

If you are looking for some inspiration for gift ideas for your own upcoming marriage anniversary or other special day- read on!

We have identified some of our favourite pieces to make your search for the perfect gift that little bit easier, helping you to celebrate your marriage in style.

The Power of Pearls

Pearls really do make the perfect anniversary gift. That’s because they can be added to any kind of jewellery, are collectables and work with any fashion accessory and outfit colour to make an excellent, unforgettable gift for the special occasions you want to commemorate.

Whether you opt for pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, pearl pendant, pearl dial, pearl bracelet, pearl cufflinks for a suit, or a pearl ring – there are so many gift ideas to choose from that stylishly celebrate love, commitment and your history with each other. They are incredibly versatile, fitting all kinds of individual styles from classic to contemporary and everything in between.

While diamond jewellery is renowned for its popularity – it’s not always suitable for everyone. It can be very costly for those working to a budget and is a very flashy stone, which is not to some people’s taste who prefer a more understated or timeless look.

Pearl jewellery, however, has been worn with pride for centuries and remains popular to this date – proving that it never goes out of style and is a thoroughly traditional gift. It is also available at a significantly lower price meaning it’s more easily accessible.

This makes it especially fitting for pearl wedding anniversary gifts. This is because it symbolises to many people the dedication and thoughtfulness of the giver, whilst also enhancing the beauty, and the wardrobe, of the receiver.  Ever since ancient times the giving of jewellery as a gift has been commonplace and passed down through myths and legends as a romantic and kind-hearted choice of gift.

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Pearl Anniversary Gift – Picking the Right Piece

For a married couple, celebrating anniversaries are an important part of the relationship. They symbolise an extended period of time together – and this is particularly true for the Pearl anniversary – also known as the 30th wedding anniversary.

Our Elixa small gold-plated earrings would be ideal as a present for a partner whilst on a weekend getaway, whereas our Ring Ceres and Ring Arabesque cry out to be given as something special that will be remembered forever. Whether you’re having lunch with your partner or out on a spontaneous coffee date – gifting a gleaming white pearl is the perfect way to say those three magic words for you.

Pearls aren’t just for anniversaries. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or Valentines Day you can be rest assured pearls are the right gift every time. Unlike diamond jewellery or other stones, pearls can be worn for most occasions and at multiple events when styled with the right clothes and accessories. For example, a well-placed pearl bracelet can be worn at all of them effortlessly. Our Bracelet Lyra encompasses understated elegance, and looks great worn both day and night.

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Pearls Are a Timeless Gift

Specifically, pearls have been given as gifts throughout the ages as a romantic way to show your appreciation to a partner, as well as a dignified and luxurious gift to a sister, friend, or mother. The type of gift is also resplendent with years of symbolism too. Whereas a pearl bracelet may be symbolic of a close relationship: like a mother, sister, or a good friend; earrings or a ring itself may have more romantic overtones just like the giving of a diamond ring.

An anniversary is simply one of the best times to give pearls. Anniversaries are romantic occasions, they’re all about showing your appreciation, love, and affection to that special person in your life and signifying how much you would miss them if they were not around. You can say it all with a well thought of ring or set of earrings or add a contemporary twist with a stylish bracelet or pendant to wear on that weekend in Paris together. 

Being officially the world’s oldest traded gem, pearls have been and used as a declaration of affection, love, and romance since long before written history.

For this reason in particular, they have been worn as a form of decoration for thousands of years thanks to pearl jewellery being found throughout the world, from Ancient Rome and Greece in Europe to Ancient Persia, China, and Japan in the East. Pearls historically being used as jewellery are found in museums throughout the world, from the Louvre in Paris and beyond.

A Brief History of Pearls

In the 20th century pearls went from adorning royalty to becoming a fully formed fashioned trend for the masses, popularised by the likes of Coco Chanel in the 1920s and Jackie Kennedy in the 1950s and 1960s. It was this popularisation of pearls that made them a staple fashion item, it brought pearls into the realm of casual wear perfect for everyday use. Since then, pearls were no longer considered exclusive to high-class events but could be worn at any time whilst retaining their glamour and association with luxury and sophistication.

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Elegance and Luxury

 It seems that ever since the beginning, pearls have been associated with elegance, luxury, and the choice of a sophisticated buyer who knows what they want.

Pearl necklaces have been praised for the simplicity of their beauty and their streamlined designs and continue to be an inspiration for their simple but flawless splendour.

Our Necklace Ariel is just one example of how modestly elegant pearls can be. No matter the occasion or who the gift is intended for, you can be assured that pearls make a bold statement all on their own, backed up by thousands of years of history and elegance.

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Majorica Pearls – Our History

Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding anniversary gift, it’s worth remembering that Majorica has a history of over one hundred years of supremely skilled craftsmanship in the fashioning of exquisite pearls.

It is an art and still relies on that heritage today, with each pearl being designed and created on the tranquil Mediterranean island of Mallorca: home to now famous Majórica pearl.

Browse the collection here, or search our site to find out more about who we are and how we craft our pieces.

FAQs: Pearl Anniversary Gifts

What is the traditional 30th anniversary gift?

Traditional presents are given for specific anniversaries as they hold meaning relevant to the couple’s relationship. For a 30th anniversary, the gift is typically pearls.

This makes things much simpler as most people believe that pearls make everything look elegant without any real effort. Just like marriages, pearls are both precious and valuable commodities.

What do you get for your 35th anniversary?

The 35th wedding anniversary is a momentous event that celebrates the union of two people. The traditional gift for this anniversary is coral, but the more modern option is jade. Coral is an organic material found in warm seas; it can take years to form and can be polished to show a beautiful red to pink color.

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