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Looking for the right pair of pearl earrings can be a hard thing. Especially if you do not know what to look for. The pearls earrings have popular and common jewellery choice for women for many years. In the past, women loved to put on earrings and create an attractive and stylish look. That trend has continued today too, putting the pearl earrings high on top of the most wanted and demanded jewellery pieces.

But, the question of how to choose pearl earrings can be quite challenging and demanding. When getting a pair of pearl earrings, no matter if it is for yourself or a gift, there are lots of details that make them different, and each is special in its way. Here is everything you need to know on how to choose pearl earrings.

Know your style

There are so many different pearl earring styles. You might think that the choice should be made between studs and hoops, but there are other types of earrings too. The pearl earrings come in lots of wearing pearl earrings styles. So, depending on your style or the style that you are buying the earrings too here is the selection of the pearl earrings that you can choose from.

Pearl stud earrings

Pearl stud earrings are classic earrings. They are the understated option for all those women who want to have a versatile accessory that will go with everything. This includes everything from jeans to the little black dress. The pearl stud earring is quite small, which makes them appropriate for any dress code and occasion.

pearl stud earrings

Pearl drop earrings

Pearl drop earrings carry the so-called simplicity of the stud earrings, but they do come with a twist. Earrings in this style hang just below the earlobe. Then comes the pearl that sort of “drops” at the base. The pearl drop earrings are a very common choice for daytime, but they are also great with elegant outfits since they will deliver sophistication to the look.

Pearl drop earrings

Dangle pearl earrings

Dangle pearl earrings are similar to drop earrings. The difference here is that they are longer. The best ones are those that only feature one delicate pearl. If you are willing to make a simple outfit stand out, then, the choice should fall on pair of dangle pearl earrings with several large pearls.

Dangle pearl earrings

Chandelier pearl earrings

The chandelier pearl earrings have an elongated drop. This makes them have a shape of chandeliers that dangles below the ear. That is why they are the perfect accessory for formal occasions such as weddings, receptions, dinners, etc.

Climbers / Crawlers

These are the type of pearl earrings that give the classic pearls a fresh and modern twist. The earrings in this style “climb” up the ear lobe. They do require only one single piercing.

Hoop earrings

There are several different options for hoop earrings. They can be round or oval. Also, depending on their size, one can wear them for casual and corporate events and occasions. The small pearl hoop earrings are very appropriate for the office, while the large pearl hoop earrings can add a playful touch to any elegant outfit.

large pearl hoop earrings

Picking the perfect pearl earring for the face shape

The style, size, and colour play a big role in how you can choose the pair perfect for your face shape. The pearl earrings should emphasize the features of the face and complete the natural beauty. There are the perfect options according to the face shape. It’s also important to consider if you are going to wear a pearl necklace. Mixing different styles can be the winning combination.

Round shape

The best earring styles for the round shape are the ones that will elongate the face and make it look slimmer. Those are the drop pearls earrings or dangle earrings.

pendant pearl earrings

Oval shape

All the earring styles for this face shape. But the ones that will best emphasize the natural symmetry are the classic pearl studs.

Square shape

The oval pearls and the hoop pearl earrings will flatter and soften the square face shape.

Long shape

Pearl studs are a perfect option for making the face look fuller.

pearl earrings majorica

With these tips and guidelines, you will make the best choice on choosing the right pair of pearl earrings.

FAQs: How to Choose Pearl Earrings

What should I look for when buying pearl stud earrings?

The surface of a pearl should be brilliant and luminous, not dull; your reflection should clearly show in its depths. Any pearl with chalky or dull tones indicates low quality.

Pearls with a high luster will reflect light well, creating bright and vivid reflections. Perfect pearls have exceptionally lustrous surfaces that create sharp, distinct images when viewed from different angles (the highest grade). Good pearls are also highly lustrous but less so than excellent—their reflections may seem duller or hazier at times

What is the most valuable color of pearl?

Gold South sea pearls, the most sought-after colour of the pearl, are more expensive than white pearls. The darker a gold pearl’s body colour in gemstone markets, and therefore higher its value.

What to ask when buying pearls?

When buying pearl jewelry, ask these questions:

  1. Are the pearls handmade?
  2. What is the quality of the pearls?
  3. The pearls, are they dyed?

Is it safe to buy pearls online?

One way to avoid paying a high markup is by buying your pearls at an online boutique or luxury pearl retailer. Other stores may offer solid quality pearls, but they usually come with sky-high markups, and are hit-or-miss in terms of getting what you want. Majorica has years of experience taking care of pearls and delivering high quality to its customers.

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