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We’ve been making high-quality pearls for over a century, and are passionate about creating beautiful jewelry that radiates tradition and history, all whilst boasting modern and thoroughly wearable designs.

When it comes to jewelry, pearls are an iconic choice. Smooth, iridescent and perfectly formed – pearls have been popular throughout history and are used as the centrepiece for a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings and much more. This demonstrates their timeless appeal and versatility – as well as their ability to stand the test of time.

Pearls are the beating heart of our business and we are highly experienced with them. From creating and handling the pearls themselves, through to designing jewelry pieces that showcase their unique and captivating beauty – we are well versed in the world of pearls and love to share our passion for them with our valued customers from across the globe.

With this in mind, we’re dedicating this blog to revealing how our eye-catching pearls are made.

Read on to discover the secret behind Majorica pearls.

What Are Mallorca Pearls?

When people talk about “Mallorca pearls“, you can assume they are referring to the pearls which are made and manufactured on the island of Mallorca. Majorica is one of the most renowned brands as we have been producing them since 1890 when the manufacturing process was initially invented.

Majorica Pearls: A Brief History

For many centuries, pearls were associated with wealth and nobility and only those of higher socioeconomic status were able to wear them. They were only accessible by the extremely wealthy, as natural pearls formed within an oyster or mollusc are very rare – making them very expensive.

This led to a demand for cheaper imitations – and in the seventeenth century, a rosary manufacturer from Paris used fish scales to coat glass beads to replicate iridescent shimmer similar to real pearls. Whilst this was a decent substitute, many people still could not afford the look of pearls, creating a distinct gap in the market.

This was recognised by the German inventor Eduard Heusch, a German innovator, who desired to make pearls more widely available. He obtained the first patent to create pearls and founded the company Societé des perles de Indes E. Heusch & Co – which today is known as Majorica!

Majorica Manacor

What is the Manufacturing Process?

At Majorica, we like to retain a little mystery. We believe that some secrets are meant to be kept – including the exact details of our formula and how we make our unique pearls! However – we also love sharing our history with our customers, so we are happy to reveal a general overview of our manufacturing process.

fabrica de perlas mallorca

First, a small nucleus of opaline (opaque or coloured glass) is covered with layers of a protective substance. This is achieved by immersing it fully in a pearly liquid that consists of ground-up fish scales, or other marine animal particles. It is this step that gives the pearl the iridescence for which it is famed.

This specialist coating process is then repeated between 30 and 40 times. Following each coat, the pearls are dried and polished. This helps to remove any imperfections.

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After this, a final coating is applied. It’s important to then ensure that the pearls are given maximum protection to prevent deterioration, so the pearls are put under ultra-violet radiation, gases and other solutions that prevent discoloration and make them chip resistant. This step gives pearls their longevity, where if they are cared for correctly means they can last for decades to come.

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Why Are Mallorca Pearls Famous?

Mallorca pearls are renowned for their eye-catching beauty and striking resemblance to natural pearls – so much so, that to the untrained eye they may even be mistaken for the real thing!

Although there are many sorts of pearls on the market, few capture the essence of natural pearls in the way that those made in Mallorca do. This is because of the history the location shares with pearls and the extensive experience it has in producing them.

Why Choose Mallorca Pearls?

Aside from their aesthetic qualities, Mallorca hand-made pearls are popular as they are less expensive than natural pearls. They are available at a decent price, which makes them accessible to a wider audience and a more affordable choice for many people.

They are also a more durable alternative to the real thing due to the treatment process they are subjected to. This makes them more robust than natural pearls, as they are resistant to perspiration, heat, make-up and perfume – establishing them as a much more practical alternative.

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Mallorca pearls can also be viewed as more sustainable. Real pearls are valuable due to their rarity, but not every oyster or mollusc produces natural pearls which leads to a lot of wasted oysters in the hunt for rare pearls. Mallorca pearls are therefore a more environmentally friendly choice, as they effectively emulate the appearance of the real thing without wasting resources.

Pearls manufactured in Majorca are intrinsically imbued with the history of our island, too. This makes them a popular choice amongst people who want a unique piece of jewlery that both feels and looks authentic.

Discover Majorica

With over 100 years of experience manufacturing pearl jewelry, we are committed to producing innovative pieces that highlight the beauty of pearls.

From pearl earrings and necklaces through to pendants, bracelets and rings, we offer a diverse selection of pieces that suit nearly every taste and budget. Whether you are looking to add to your pearl collection, or wanting to invest in your first pearl piece – our collection features a pearl product for every occasion.

Whichever product you choose, you can be sure you’re getting an authentic Mallorcan pearl piece that radiates our tradition and showcases our specialist and refined manufacturing process.

We also offer a 10-year warranty on all of our products to ensure that your choice will last you for years to come, as well as free shipping on all orders from €60.

Whatever the occasion – say it with Majorica pearls.

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