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Since 1890, at Majorica we have maintained our status as a global benchmark for organic pearls, so we know a thing or two about upholding a classic. But just because it’s a classic, it doesn’t mean it can’t be made contemporary. Our illustrious jewellery collections are proof that the pearl can be worn both as a timeless classic and given a subtly modern twist. There is no end to the versatility of Majorica’s handmade organic pearls, and our newest collection is no exception to this rule.

The brand-new, limited-time collection pays homage to the greatest pearl of them all, La Peregrina. Its rich history blends into an iconic modern relevance, with a soft beauty that speaks for itself, solidifying La Peregrina as one of the most famous pearls in the world.

La Peregrina’s story

The story begins all the way back in 1515, when La Peregrina pearl first emerged from the bright blue waters of Panama. At the time, it was marked as the largest pearl ever found, measuring 25.5mm with a weight of 223.8 grains, and a unique pear shape. It was gifted to King Philip II of Spain, who went on to gift it to his wife Queen Mary I of England.

perla pelegrina

The so-called ‘Bloody Mary’ went on to wear the pearl in almost all of her portraits, the most iconic of which was the Antonio Moro portrait in 1554, now hung proudly in the Prado Museum. After her death, the treasured pearl was returned to the Spanish crown where it remained for over 2 centuries before Joseph Bonaparte stole the Spanish throne, taking the famous pearl with him as he fled the country after the French defeat at the Battle of Victoria.

Bonaparte left the pearl to his nephew, Napoleon III, but it moved hands shortly after, being sold to James Hamilton, the Marquis of Abercorn, who went on to auction the pearl to none other than Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

A surprising twist in the story even includes Elizabeth Taylor’s puppy, perhaps the most unexpected of all of the hands (or mouths) the precious pearl passed through. One day in 1969, the actress noticed her puppy chewing on something, only to find La Peregrina, the very pearl she had been searching her apartment high and low for inside the dog’s mouth. She writes, in her book Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewellery, “I just casually open the puppy’s mouth and inside his mouth was the most perfect pearl in the world.” From 16th Century royalty to 20th Century stardom, La Peregrina lived a rich life, moving through many important circles.

Its story concludes with a mystery – like all good stories do. After Elizabeth Taylor’s death, it was once again auctioned off, this time for 11.8 million dollars to an unknown buyer, who remains unknown to this day. This means that the location of the celebrated pearl is a mystery, and its voyage could be far from over, with the pearl more than living up to its name which translates into ‘The Pilgrim’ or ‘The Wanderer’.

It’s quite the story, and one which may not even have reached its final act.

A collection inspired by history

Over the years, the pearl has been worn in various forms, mounted onto a brooch, a necklace, and even as a hat ornament. But by far its most iconic form was La Peregrina necklace, designed by Cartier for Elizabeth Taylor. The impressive necklace features pearls, rubies, and diamonds, in a stunning floral pattern, with the iconic La Peregrina pearl hung at the very bottom of the necklace, the crown jewel of one of the finest pieces of jewellery ever to be made.

Beauty of this standard could never be replicated, but it would be a waste not to take inspiration from a pearl so iconic and exquisite. Majorica’s La Peregrina collection pays homage to the historic pearl, with carefully selected handmade jewellery pieces that take inspiration from the original pearl, discovered all of those years ago off the coast of Panama.

Peregrina Pendant with Baroque Pearl and Onyx

Of the collection, the Peregrina Pendant with Baroque Pearl and Onyx is the most loyal tribute to the original pearl, the centrepiece of the entire La Peregrina collection. Carved on silver with an aged filigree finish, it features black onyx as its centrepiece, with a precious white baroque handcrafted pearl daintily dangling from the jewellery piece. Luxuriously lavish, the pendant will make you feel as decorated as a European royal.

peregrina pearl pendant

Renaissance Bracelet with Pearls and Aged Filigree

This Tudor-style pearls bracelet is a nod to the elegance of deeply historical jewellery. It is crafted from a silver ellipse base with detailed aged filigree, atop which four oval half-pearls in the shades of pink and grey rest, framing a central black onyx. It’s a truly unique piece of jewellery, with an authentic Tudor style.

peregrina bracelet

Tudor Pendant with Pearl on Cross

An unmistakable classic, the Majorica Tudor Cross pendant is eye-catching and bold, yet crafted from such a delicate design that you’ll find yourself wearing it day after day. The sterling silver filigree forms a strong medieval cross on which a beautiful organic white pearl rests. It’s a strong piece that was made for strong personalities with a love for tradition and beauty.

tudor peregrina pearl pendant

Flower Filigree Pearl Earrings

These elegant Peregrina pearl earrings are formed of two silver flowers, crafted from aged filigree, with a radiant 10 mm round organic pearl resting in the centre. The detailed filigree is the perfect base to let the beauty of the Majorica handmade pearls shine, and the generous size of the earrings perfectly frames the face between two pieces full of history and character. Capture the room with a true statement of personality.

peregrina pearl earrings majorica

Filigree Flower Earrings with Hanging Pearl

Inspired by the medieval world, these Filigree flower earrings Peregrina with hanging pearl truly are the definition of the elegance that runs through the veins of Majorica. With a round handmade Tahiti pearl, hung over an intricate filigree flower that will move to the rhythm of your steps, enjoy a moment of pure luxury with these earrings.

Filigree flower earrings Peregrina with hanging pearl

Pearl Ring with Flower Filigree

The aged filigree silver is responsible for shaping the harmonious soft curves of the petals of this Majorica flower, as naturally beautiful as a flower picked straight from a meadow. The centrepiece is a perfectly round organic handmade pearl, a shining light of iridescence to draw the attention of an entire room. We offer two options, the Pearl ring Peregrina with filigree flower and a white pearl, or the Tahiti pearl ring with flower Peregrina.

Two adjustable sizes are available, ranging from 13-15 and 17-19.

Pearl ring Peregrina with filigree flower

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