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The saying “less is more” applies to many things in life and, indeed, to jewelry as well. In this case, we will see why a minimalist necklace is a piece that will undoubtedly help you on more than one occasion.

In other articles, we have already talked about how jewels are part of the story that each one wants to tell on each occasion. But, especially daily, some pieces will help us get rid of certain headaches. A choker, a simple chain or pearl stud earrings are jewels that will combine and elevate any look.

Because the basics will always help when time is tight, here is a selection of minimalist Majorica necklaces that must be included in your collection.

Majorica Minimalist Necklaces

At Majorica, we have an impressive range of minimalist necklaces in stock in both our brand-new and existing collections. The full range can be found on our site, but here are a couple of our favourites.

Alba Necklace

Made with a thin, simple gold plated chain and a handcrafted organic Majorica pearl, the Alba necklace strikes the perfect balance between being statement-making and minimalist.

4mm Ballet Necklace

There is nothing more classic than a Majorica pearl necklace. The Ballet necklace is made with the iconic Majorica pearls; this necklace is small and dainty enough to be a minimalist essential.

A must in your jewelry box!

ballet pearl necklace

Sifnos Necklace

Simple yet effective, the Sifnos necklace combines a black elastic cord, a white pearl and silver for an overall finish that exudes a minimalist elegance. Being adjustable, you can decide whether to wear it looser or choker type.

Join Majorica in celebrating the new collection with this stunning necklace.

sifnos pearl necklace

Petra Pendant

The beautiful Petra pendant features a shimmering grey iridescent pearl, adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch. The adjustable length of the necklace makes it incredibly versatile, allowing you to personalize your looks with an added personal touch for any occasion!

We also have the version in golden steel and white pearl.

Why are Minimalist Necklaces so Popular?

Minimalist jewelry has been a timeless essential for many generations, but its popularity is increasing. And we consider a minimalist necklace to be the central piece in this trend.

As more people strive to lead simpler and ecologically conscious lifestyles, minimalist style offers the perfect balance of minimalism and glamour – with beauty that speaks volumes without being too flashy or ostentatious. This makes it highly desirable among women from all walks of life who appreciate the charm of gemstones mixed with precious metals in simple yet elegant designs.

Pearls are the perfect ally to minimalist jewellery. Pearls are simple but elegant and classy at the same time. A minimalist pearl necklace or some simple pearl earrings can add a different meaning to your outfit.

Minimalist jewelry is a powerful style that adds a delicate touch to any outfit. Its simplicity and elegance makes it the perfect accessory for any occasion – you can’t go wrong with minimalist!

Even better, it works its subtle magic on all wearers regardless of their wardrobe or beauty type. With minimal effort required from you, this gorgeous jewellery will enhance your natural beauty effortlessly.

How to Wear Minimalist Necklaces

You might think that wearing minimalist jewellery means you have to counter it with extravagant and showy clothing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pairing a sleek, minimalist necklace with an equally sleek, minimalist black dress will leave you with an stylish, trendy, and elegant outfit.

However, if you are a fan of more boundary-pushing fashion, a minimalist necklace is the perfect way to compliment your eye-catching outfit without drawing attention away from the main spectacle.

Arguably the most versatile and adaptable jewellery styles, minimalist necklaces can be worn almost any way, making them perfect for fashionistas and fashion newbies alike.

Trending Minimalist Necklace Styles in 2023

Gold Necklace

Ever the classic, you can’t go wrong with a gold necklace – especially a minimalist one. Pair it with any colour of clothing and either gold or silver jewellery, and you’re onto a winner.

Silver Necklace

Perhaps even more minimalist than a simple gold necklace is a silver necklace. It’s one of the most inoffensive jewelry styles and can be styled to be as subtle or eye-catching as you wish.

Furthermore, just like the gold necklace, silver necklaces go with simply everything.

Box Chain Necklace

The box chain is one of the most timeless chain styles, perfect for any gender and any occasion.

It’s made up of a row of box links, giving it a sturdy but simple structure designed to last and compliment any outfit it’s paired with, whether simple or dressy.

Simple Pendant Necklace

Do you want to add a touch of personality to your jewelry, without sacrificing the minimalist vibe? Look no further than the simple pendant necklace.

Whether you want the pendant to come as a jewel or a simple sterling silver or gold plated charm, you can make your pendant necklace minimalist by using a super thin chain and a small pendant.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are an incredibly classy addition to any piece of jewellery, and they can be made minimalist by simply keeping the size of the pearl small, the colour of the pearl classic, and the shape of the pearl regular.

pearl necklaces

FAQs: Minimalist Necklace

What does a minimalist necklace mean?

What is Minimalist Jewelry, you may ask? It is simple and subtle jewelry designs that can elevate any outfit or look. Whether your style is minimalistic, bold and bright, or something in between – minimalist jewelry provides the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble!

What makes necklaces so essential in today’s culture?

Necklaces have been a cherished form of adornment for centuries, seen as symbols of wealth and power due to their frequent fabrication from precious metals and stones. Additionally, they often hold spiritual significance in religious ceremonies or funerary customs. Regardless of the purpose behind them, necklaces remain endlessly fashionable today!

How do you wear minimal jewelry?

If you want to achieve a minimalist aesthetic with your jewelry, it’s essential to select pieces that have clean and elegant lines. Incorporate these accents into your wardrobe in moderation, as only a few statement pieces can detract from the overall effect. And don’t be afraid to experiment! Mixing various components is an excellent way of creating unique looks and taking risks.

Is minimalistic jewelry trending?

Minimalist jewelry is the perfect accessory for those who want to express their style and sophistication without going overboard. With its classic design, minimalist jewelry adds a subtle touch of elegance that pairs beautifully with any outfit. Make sure to add some timeless pieces to your collection today!

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