Majorica TFWA

With a passion for connecting on a deep level with our clients, one more edition Majorica is present at the TFWA Fair in Cannes.

Over the years, Majorica has fast established itself as a leading jeweller in the premium handcrafted jewellery sector, especially when it comes to the travel retail industry. Our famous handmade pearls, recognised worldwide as the original organic pearls of the Mediterranean started as a historical milestone in the jewellery industry. Since then, the company has managed to uphold its iconic reputation, remaining an unforgettable reference in the most revolutionary, timeless craftsmanship. 

Travel retail is one of Majorica’s leading industries, and the company is proud to be one of the world’s most-loved travel retail brands, with international shoppers turning to its luxurious Mediterranean handcrafted pearls as the perfect accompaniment to their international travel, year after year.

Majorica Pearl

TFWA is an iconic international trade show and conference, created to connect leaders in the industry, discuss important ideas around sustainability, growth, and customer engagement, as well as help individual traders to spread essential brand awareness with new and existing customers and clients.

Whilst TFWA continued to take place during the pandemic, in a virtual online format, this year’s TFWA is hosted at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, the perfect venue to celebrate the industry’s resurrection and encourage in face, person-to-person networking. 

TFWA is a wonderful event that has proven to be of great benefit to every moving part of the travel retail industry, and Majorica is incredibly proud to have been a part of the event for more than 25 years now.


The event has been a great opportunity for Majorica to not only engage in important conversations with leading figures within the industry but also to connect directly with our new and old customers, answering all of their questions and queries and putting a face to the iconic Majorica name.

We were also thrilled to have been able to use the trade show and conference as an opportunity to introduce our Spring/Summer 2022 organic pearl collection, in addition to our new and exclusive Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which features the same celebrated premium handcrafted pearls of the Mediterranean which made Majorica an iconic jewellery seller, with an exciting but timeless modern twist.

Travel in style with Majorica, the world’s most emblematic handmade organic pearl jewellery.

The true jewel of the Mediterranean.

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