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Sink into the Ionian Sea with Majorica’s Corfu Collection, a beautiful ode to one of Greece’s most beloved and historic islands.

Evoking the vivid hues of the Ionian Sea, this collection features hand-blown Murano glass to replicate its texture and alluring transparency. A balanced combination of organic Majorica pearls and rustic braided metal complements a unique piece, ultimately delivering an ode to tradition.

We wanted to capture the core of Corfu, so we chose shades of green to symbolize its endless olive groves and turquoise for the shimmering sea. Plus, ochre earth tones evoke images of this idyllic destination, and brown hues cue its fortifications as well as 40 churches in view everywhere you turn.

Royals from across Europe have been frequenting Corfu since ancient times, with Empress Sissi of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany being just a few examples. Grandeur abounds here- think charming seaside walks and pristine waters. Think luxurious Murano glass plus Majorica’s unique handmade pearls in 18k gold-plated brass! Every glance brings back fond recollections of an imperial past.

The Corfú Collection is an exquisite line of jewelry featuring stunning Murano crystals and majestic Majorica pearls

The new collection is an ode to the captivating beauty of Corfu; it includes a breathtaking choker, a braided bracelet, two earrings and two rings. All adorned with pearls and exquisite Murano glass for that extra dose of sparkle! Get lost in this fresh, crystalline universe now.

Adjustable choker Corfú with pearls and Murano glass

Show off your unique style with the extraordinary Corfu gold-plated brass choker, adorned with a blend of captivating Murano crystals in earthy and salmon shades. The exquisite charm is completed by the glittering grey Majorica pearl for an extra sparkle.

Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind choker! Its exquisite design and bold character will add the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.

collar corfu majorica

Adjustable pearl ring Corfú with Murano glass

Make a bold statement with the luxurious Corfu ring in Nuage, featuring Murano crystals and round pearls. For a complete look, pair it with the bracelet from its own collection.

Be the belle of the ball with this breathtaking jewel that will enliven your look and sparkle in all its glory.

We offer two sizes of rings, one that adjusts to fit between 13 and 15, and another for those with fingers measuring from 15-17.

anillo ajustable corfu majorica

Ring flower Corfú with pearls and Murano glass

The Corfu collection’s alluring flower ring is delicately crafted with hand-selected materials, including Murano glass in natural shades and round Majorica pearls that exhibit a warm salmon color. Its creation mimics the beauty of a blooming flower, creating an exquisite piece to grace your jewelry box.

Wearing this exquisite piece of jewelry will make you feel like you are donning nature’s beauty with little to no effort!

We offer two sizes of rings, one that adjusts to fit between 13 and 15, and another for those with fingers measuring from 15-17.

anillo corfu majorica

Pearl flower earrings Corfú with Murano glass

Allow the Corfu earrings to bring out your inner poise and grace. The combination of Murano glass beads, salmon-colored organic pearl, and unique flower design will impart effortless sophistication that will make you beam with dazzling brightness. Let these exquisite pieces shine as they set you apart from the crowd!

Refresh your jewelry collection and make these pieces an essential in your wardrobe. Adding any of these items to your ensemble will deliver a beautiful touch that will elevate the look, guaranteed! These are perfect for adding that final touch to complete any outfit.

pearl earring corfu majorica

Corfu, home of the almighty Poseidon!

Since its earliest days, Kérkyra (or Kórkyra) and Greece have been intertwined in myth. Poseidon christened the island to honor his beloved Corsica—daughter of Asopo and Metope—and their son Phoeax eventually became the eponymous hero of the Phaeacians who would call this land home centuries later. This romantic gesture from a god has marked history indelibly, leaving us spellbound even still.

The stunningly picturesque Corfu, a Greek island with its illustrious battles and gorgeous landscapes, has multiple fortresses strategically scattered around it. Two of these fortifications even enclose the capital city – making it officially declared as ‘Kastrópolis’ (‘city of castles’) in Greece! This marvelous history provides an extra layer of allure to this amazing destination.

For centuries, Venice had considerable power over Corfu and withstood multiple Ottoman attacks until the Napoleonic Wars, which caused it to become under British Rule. Then in 1864, America established the Ionian Islands as its protectorate before handing them back to Greece after signing The Treaty of London.

In 2007, the historical city of Corfu was recognised for its significance and placed on Unesco’s esteemed World Heritage List.

The Corfu capsule by Majorica is a tribute to the majestic legacy of Venetian-blown glass. It evokes memories of the abundant variety of exotic plants and numerous beaches in this paradise. 

You can experience these visions with just one piece from this spectacular collection!

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