majorica copa del rey de vela

At Majorica, we had the golden chance to play a significant role at the 41st Copa del Rey, held from July 29 to August 5. This year, we proudly sponsored the Majorica ORC category, a role that allowed us to immerse ourselves in this prestigious nautical event further.

A Singular Presence at the Real Club Náutico Palma

We set up an exclusive stand at the Real Club Náutico Palma, becoming a focal point where we showcased the latest innovations from our brand. Additionally, we crafted a limited edition jewelry line specially created to commemorate this remarkable event.

In this privileged setting, we were able to introduce attendees to the true artistry and mastery that lies behind each Majorica piece, a brand that has seamlessly blended tradition and modernity for over 100 years. From its inception, Majorica has led the way in creating handmade organic pearls, a process refined and perfected generation after generation, facilitating continuous evolution in design and innovation.

This occasion was the perfect backdrop to highlight our relentless dedication to design excellence, where each piece of jewelry embodies a commitment to quality. Over the decades, we’ve passionately endeavored to stay at the forefront, offering creations that are a flawless amalgamation of tradition and modernity. This illustrates that at Majorica, the art of jewelry-making transcends mere aesthetics, representing a legacy of beauty and excellence that continues to blossom with each new collection.

majorica copa del rey

A Milestone in Celebrating Mallorca’s Maritime Tradition

During the closing ceremony, Majorica was honored to stand alongside King Don Felipe and our CEO, Gregoire Bontoux, as well as other executives and collaborating authorities. In this solemn act, we were awarded prizes in four of the eight competing categories, thus recognizing the standout teams in the Majorica ORC categories.

This was a significant moment for us, highlighting our deep connection with the island of Mallorca, a bond stemming from our roots and a rich history entrenched in the island. As Majorica’s general manager, Didier Grupposo, noted, “For Majorica, participating in the 41st edition of the Copa del Rey has been a pleasure. As a company, we continue to strive to strengthen our bond with the island of Mallorca through this traditional regatta, paying tribute to the island’s rich maritime tradition.”

This participation not only underscores our commitment to Mallorca’s culture but also allows us to join in celebrating excellence in the sport of sailing, once again demonstrating that Majorica is synonymous with elegance, tradition, and a passion for what we do.

majorica copa del rey

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