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A gift for Valentine’s Day that will wow her or him? What if you would instead provide a jewel for yourself, or for a friend, or for your mother? At Majorica, we are devoted to promoting and recognizing love in all its forms – from self-love to passionate romance to celebrating life.

Let us give you more than just a piece of jewelry, but an emblem that stands for something more significant: our Tender bracelet. A fashion statement for both men and women that exudes strength and courage.

Add a touch of personality to your wardrobe with the Tender bracelet! It comes in three distinct finishes, so you can pick which one best matches your taste. Choose from stainless steel and silver finish paired with two white pearls, rose bath accompanied by two salmon-coloured pearls or the version that has two grey pearls for an effortless chic look.

A Gift for Valentine's Day

Other Valentine’s Day gifts

For Valentine’s Day, romantic gestures can take on more significance with the perfect present. Step up your game and give a meaningful token of appreciation from Majorica– our Tender bracelet or any one of our lovely selection of pearls! Here are some suggestions to make this day truly special for your beloved.

A pearl necklace never disappoints

A Majorica pearl necklace is an elegant and unforgettable present that will make your loved one feel cherished on any celebration, including Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate everlasting love with our exquisite Lyra pearl necklace crafted in Mallorca. Its golden silver and 8 mm organic pearls are sure to become a contemporary classic, reminding you of the timelessness of true love.

pearl necklace

Our Petra white pearl pendant is the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift – it provides both simplicity and strength through its combination of steel with a gold finish, complemented by a central white pearl. Its unique design will have her (or you!) swooning over this timeless piece that stands out from all others.

one pearl necklace

Express your love with a timeless gift of pearl earrings

Timeless and elegant, Majorica pearl earrings make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Valentine’s Day is a special time for showing your love and appreciation. What better way to express those feelings than with a pair of stunning earrings? Your gesture will be cherished by the recipient forever!

Are you enamored with alluring amber? Then the Algaida earrings are for you! These extraordinary earrings possess Murano crystals in entrancing amber hues and a white pearl. Dare to be different – try on the captivating colors of Algaida today!

If you are looking for a special present to express your love towards your daughter or niece, then the Pure Love earrings would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! These elegant rhodium-plated silver earrings with an adorable heart motif will symbolize the solid and unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters.

pearl earrings

A classic set of pearls

A stunning set of pearls featuring an assortment of jewels is sure to delight and surprise your loved one.

This Valentine’s Day, the Marianela set is our top recommendation. A stunning necklace and hoop earrings with white pearls will make a beautiful gift to your sister, best friend or even yourself!

Nothing expresses love better than the Pure Love set – crafted especially for the younger ones in your household. This collection features two precious heart-shaped earrings with a pristine white pearl and an elegant bracelet comprised of several pieces that share these same motifs, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day!

pearl set

Put a ring on it

Here at Majorica, we firmly believe our jewelry is suitable for any occasion. Nonetheless, on this particular event, let’s leave the pearl rings advice for other festivities. Make sure not to miss out on our amazing Cercle ring, though!

pearl ring

Here at Majorica, we are proud to carry on our long-standing tradition of high-quality craftsmanship and nurture the abilities of ambitious young designers so that we can become a global leader in pearl jewelry.

Make this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable with a gift from Majorica! Surprise your special someone and create lasting memories with the perfect present.

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