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A very original piece composed of a gold-plated metal choker, with a set of salmon and earth-coloured Murano glass balls and a round, grey pearl at the centre.
A simple yet sophisticated piece of jewellery that will delicately wrap around your finger, featuring elegant, decorative Murano glass and cloudy round pearls.
Just as petals give shape to a flower, the pearl and balls give life to this elegant ring from the Corfú collection.

The Majorica Corfu capsule collection revisits the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by this great Greek island in the Ionian sea, the collection recreates its colours, textures and the ubiquitous clear waters surrounding its coast by combining blown Murano glass, Majorica organic pearls and rustic braided metal.

Corfu was a cradle of culture and science. Being the only Greek island never conquered by the Ottomans, it was the origin of a great deal of mythology. Its fortifications and great defensive victory led Venice to use Corfu in order to avoid Turkish invasions in the Adriatic Sea. With Venetian blown glass, the Majorica Corfu capsule collection recreates plant bouquets of the 6,000 species found in this paradise and is reminiscent of the sea rocks at its numerous beaches.

 This is achieved using the green tones of the extensive olive groves and the sea, ochre tones of the earth and brown colours reminiscent of the island’s fortifications and the bricks of its 40 churches. A frequent destination of European royalty until well into the 20th century, Corfu was where Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany went to relax, enjoying walks by the sea and the purity of its crystal clear waters, reflected in the Murano glass Corfu collection, combined with Majorica traditional organic pearls and 18k gold-plated brass. The choker with crystal and pearl beaded ends, the braided bracelet, two earrings and two rings recreate this fresh, crystal clear universe.