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MAJORICA pearls should be treated with the same love and care as natural pearls. To do this, simply follow some simple rules that will protect and maintain them in good condition over the years: We recommend you take your MAJORICA necklaces and bracelets to an Official Agency every eight years in order to change the silver bead and the thread, preferably with a knot between each pearl, to avoid tearing, breaking and losing the pearls.

Never clean pearls or jewellery with chemicals or abrasives. If you notice that the beads are dirty from use, simply wash them with warm water and neutral soap, spreading them out on a flat surface for at least 48 hours so that the thread can dry out properly. Wash jewels too with warm water and neutral soap, drying them immediately with a soft cloth.

Pearls deserve special care to preserve them when not in use. It is advisable to keep them in their case, separate from other jewellery or other metallic objects. That is why all MAJORICA jewellery is supplied in cases which provide proper protection during travel.

With these simple rules, we assure you that your MAJORICA jewellery will stay beautiful forever.


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