Jewellery with pearls
an affordable luxury

The pearl is a gem of unmistakable elegance and delicacy, and for this reason it has been one of the most sought-after jewels, desired by women all over the world. Majorica has made it possible for many women to wear an exclusive and desired jewel, previously reserved for only the most powerful and privileged.

It all started more than 4,000 years ago in the Old Persian Empire where pearls were already valued and used as a symbol of distinction and elegance.

Over time, pearls have not lost their magical power of attraction. The power of the natural pearl has led many to try to reproduce it. The perfect qualities of the pearl have been the subject of research by alchemists from all over the world who have unsuccessfully attempted to obtain a pearl of the same characteristics as nature’s masterpiece.

With innovative technology and a guarded process, Majorica was able to obtain ¨the Perfect Pearl¨ by color, iridescence, luster, texture and resistance. Majorica Pearl possesses each one of these qualities.

Majorica Pearl

Majorica´s designs are unique and its inimitable formula of its organic pearls clearly reflects the unique spirit of the Brand. Boasting perfect colour, orient (iridescent effect due to overlapping nacreous plates), iridescence, lustre and texture and highly resistant to external forces, Majorica pearls, created entirely by the hand of man, have been able to match the attributes that define the perfection of natural pearls. The pearl is subjected to rigorous quality control that guarantee its durability and offer a warranty period of 10 years.

Pearl Features

  • Iridescence:

    • Emana from different refractions and diffractions of light that are formed in the multiple layers of translucent nacre that form the pearl and create the colours of the rainbow.

  • Orient:

    • Effect resulting from the glow of light on the various layers. This type of glow is produced in natural substances from the marine world. The deeper the orient the greater the value of the pearl.


  • Lustre:

    • The special nuanced brightness characteristic of these gems, consisting of the intensity and brilliance of the light reflected on their surface. It is the quality that gives life to the pearl. Only nacreous pearls show varying degrees of lustre that is intense and uniform.

  • Texture:

    • A determining characteristic—the homogeneity and exact sphericity of its surface determine the quality and value of the pearl. Any visible imperfection devalues ​​it.

  • Colour:

    • Although nature is able to create a wide range of hues due to the different pigments of natural elements, the most appreciated and known tones are pink and white. Today there are other colours, such as black, champagne or gray, etc.

The value of a pearl is determined by the degree of iridescence, orient, lustre, texture and colour. The Majorica pearl meets all these qualities.



with Majorica Pearls

Majorica combines its recognized craftmanship and tradition with the energy and talent of its designers who seek perfection that emphasizes the beauty and singularity of the pearls. Using their inspiration from nature and the Mediterranean origin, the designs produce a modern and timeless aura. The strength of the Mediterranean is instilled in the pearls with its light, the waters of infinite blue.

Luxury, quality, tradition and modernity define the brand´s philosophy and its designs exhibit the Mediterranean inspiration for which they are recognized and adored.