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The magic of interchangeable jewelry

Why settle for just one design when you can have endless possibilities? Discover our Nexus earring collection. This is a truly special collection inspired by the magic that arises when a union is created between different worlds, with a unique twist! Two interchangeable parts that will allow you to create personalised combinations. Your style, your rules!

Choose a base piece and start to play with our variety of interchangeable pearls. Each piece consists of two spherical parts that can be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your look to your own taste.

From classic round white pearls to the most daring designs with openwork or colours, we want you to create the combination that best represents you. The possibilities are endless! 

Create multiple combinations

Express yourself through your jewellery and easily change the look of your Nexus double pearl earrings as you wish for the time or occasion.  Maximum fashionista power will always be in your hands!