Our Crosses collection offers timeless styles which can be kept for a lifetime: from more ornate pearl designs, to other simpler, more classic creations.  

The four pieces in the collection are created from materials such as gold-plated silver, silver with an aged finish, and rhodium-plated silver. The presence of small, round white pearls on all the crosses perfectly links the collection to the Majorica hallmark.

Each piece of jewellery offers a masterful combination of savoir-faire, from the selection of the artisan Majorcan pearls to the polished finish of the base material on which they are set.

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This elegant pendant in the shape of a cross is a classic yet versatile piece of jewellery. The perfect jewel for all occasions.
Inspired by medieval art and iconography, this limited edition cross pendant is perfect if you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd.
The Trinity Cross pendant is an unmistakable hallmark and a traditional jewellery box essential, marked by its elegance and vintage essence that make it a stunning, timeless piece.
This makes it a perfect symbol of faith, history and purity.